currents: illumination; part chandelier, part fan and fully variable lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
David Coleman Scott
18,2016 what do you get when you go through the Frank Lloyd Wright light with Alexander Calder\'s phone? A chandelier-cum-
The extreme right ceiling fan, handmade by Stephane Pagani of brooklinkotolle lighting design.
Found in the French designer showroom (
47 East 68 Street)
Three or seven chandeliers.
The foot arm of epwood (
Brazilian teak, pronounced E-pay)
Turn half a circle per minute.
The light is obscured by the sandblasted Murano glass, and due to the asymmetric spacing, the light changes as the arm moves. Mr.
Pagani works in the performance House with his wife, flauvik.
He likes to do activity lights.
He said, \"This movement has injected vitality into the space and made the house live . \"
The chandelier is $11,200; Mr.
Pagani Clodagh is shown in the following table, 670 Broadway (Bond Street).
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Partial chandelier, partial fan and fully variable lighting.
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