Crystal chandelier manufacturer lighting build lighting several ways

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
Zhongshan lighting lighting co. , LTD is a crystal chandelier manufacturers, professional design and development of Europe type crystal chandelier, modern crystal droplight, european-style crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight, zhongshan wholesale crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory. Usually the lighting of the bedroom is the use of lighting to create. Lamp is acted the role of general lighting means has integral illume, comprehensive reflection lighting and local lighting, lighting, Means: household lighting combined by various types of lamp act the role ofing) 。 According to different requirements, choose different ways of lighting. 1. Integral illume ou crystal chandelier light from the lamp light source into space around without being blocked. For example a fluorescent or incandescent lamp is set in the middle of the room, can make the light even ground illuminate to every corner of the household space. In order to make relatively soft lamplight, can be added on the fringes of the bulb can be pervious to light the lamp glass or plastic lamp shade. The overall lighting is one of the most common and common way of lighting, but more monotonous and boring, light and shadow effect is not obvious, work and study room, the brightness is not very enough. Local lighting modern crystal chandelier can also be called a directional lighting, is to use the light lamp shade control within a certain range, such as using desk lamp, wall lamp and shoot the light of lamps and lanterns. Using different chimney, can build different local lighting effect. For example, the chimney are open on both ends of the up and down, can make the light shot from both ends, build a biphasic local lighting effect. Another example using translucent shade, cause local and overall lighting effect. As to shoot the light, you also need to with focusing the light bulb, make a strong light point-blank a target, creating a dramatic presentation. 3 reflection lighting ou crystal wall lamp, also known as indirect lighting, is to use the lamp shade to control the light, the light first exposure to the wall or ceiling, reflecting back, such as the wall lamp and floor lamp to illuminate the ceiling, droplight and shoot the light, etc. This kind of light is very soft, delicate and lighting effects, can make the room produces the effect of warm and cordial. Combination of lighting is in a room will be few lighting effects together, can be controlled flexibly according to the different and change, make the use of more in line with our requirements. At the same time, also can make household indoor form a stereoscopic gradient shadow effect, resulting in a soft, comfortable and personality as well as a way of indoor lighting lighting effects. Information: zhongshan crystal droplight, wholesale crystal chandelier, crystal lighting factory, sheepskin lamp factory, please log in to the WWW. zsgzyw。 com
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