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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
The service life of the copper lamp is very long, but we found that the copper lamp has been used for a long time. Because of environmental problems, the surface of the copper lamp will lose its luster and look old and old, so we have to move our brains, what kind of daily maintenance can make the copper lamp look long-lasting? 1. The storage environment must be moisture-proof and less dust: the room with copper lamp should be kept dry and ventilated as much as possible, and the surface of the lamp body should be kept clean. The temperature is 10-24 degrees, relative temperature is 40%- In the 50% environment, bronze ware is more likely to produce verdigris, thus affecting the beauty of copper lamps. Therefore, in the rainy season in the south, we should increase the frequency of drying and cleaning the lamp body. 2. Avoid contact with corrosive objects: corrosive liquids, such as acidic and grease, should not be used in the cleaning process of copper lamps, these substances will cause a certain degree of corrosion to the copper lamp. Therefore, the cleaning should be carried out with neutral liquid to prevent the copper lamp from being corroded by corrosive liquid or gas. 3. Wiping to keep the copper lamp bright for a long time: Generally speaking, after a long period of use, the luster of the copper ware will be worse than before, and the surface will become dim and dull without luster. However, this problem can be solved by regular wiping. Ideally, we can wipe it with honey and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Or we can also use tin foil or wood chips to wipe. 4. How to prevent the copper ware from producing verdigris: when the weather is humid or the indoor moisture is heavy, it is easy to cause the copper lamp to produce verdigris, or copper rust. At this time, we can use lemonade and salt to wipe, you can also use kerosene to wipe, and then use toothpaste powder to wipe. Through these steps, you can basically restore the copper lamp to its original brightness.
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