Cold-view European-style lights are hot: companies should be wary of overproduction

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-20


European lanterns are heating up in the lighting industry.

 Looking at the current domestic sales of lanterns in the industry, mainly consists of three types. First, the European lanterns enterprises, which have long been engaged in domestic sales and are well-known in the industry; the second is the European lanterns enterprises that have just been transferred from domestic sales to domestic sales; the third is the less well-known enterprises engaged in the production and sales of European lanterns. The former class of European lanterns has long sales time in the country, many outlets, and high reputation, such as Angel, Hilina, Knock, Exton, Alex, Caesarlin and other European lantern brands; the second type of European lanterns The time for enterprises to enter the domestic market is not too long, but they have certain advantages in terms of enterprise scale, production capacity and product quality. For example, European lanterns brands are representatives of such enterprises; The popularity and influence of European lanterns companies are still relatively limited, but the number is quite large, and it is increasing. Most of the sales market of all the lanterns mainly focus on the first-tier cities in the country, especially the concentrated firepower attacking big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

 It is not a good thing that European-style lanterns are unprecedentedly hot. This shows that the overall level of domestic home lighting is rising, consumers' tastes are also increasing, and the wall sconce industry is also embarking on further prosperity. However, if European-style lanterns companies are allowed to develop into the domestic market, it will inevitably lead to the surplus of European lanterns, which will lead to a series of waste of resources, which is worthy of all the people of insight in the industry.

Up to now, there is not enough data and reason to indicate that the output of European-style lanterns is over-supplied or there will be excess. Why should we be wary of overheating of European-style lanterns? This kind of vigilance is not unfounded: First, the European-style lanterns that do domestic sales are coming. The more the trend is, the situation can be seen from the Guangzhou International Exhibition. Second, until now, there is no ratio of the output of the European lanterns to the market demand. Statistics have been published and published. Whether the output of European lanterns is excessive, it is impossible to draw a scientific and comprehensive understanding. Third, the supply-demand relationship in the market economy has a lag in the allocation and adjustment of resources. When the relationship between supply and demand occurs, resources The waste has already happened. This is the three reasons why the author has warned against the overproduction of the lanterns.

If the European lanterns have excessive productivity, the damage is more serious. First of all, from the perspective of European-style lantern manufacturers, with the rise of raw material prices and rising labor costs, the burden on enterprises is increasing. If products are unsalable and overstocked, it will definitely worsen the enterprise. How many enterprises can carry the weight of products slow-moving? Therefore, the over-production of European-style lanterns is the first to blame the production enterprises.

 Second, the victim is a dealer. Although the dealers have no burden in production, their store rent, labor cost and inventory are also a lot of funds. Relatively speaking, the pressure and risk of the European-style lanterns that the dealers are suffering from are not smaller than the production enterprises. Judging from the current Beijing market, although there is no obvious indication that dealers can not do the European lanterns, or switch to other categories of wall sconce products, but the European lantern brand is a fact that is indisputable, almost all European lanterns brands in the domestic market. Can see the figure in the Beijing wall sconce market, and the European lanterns brands with higher visibility or greater strength mostly have a number of monopoly and image stores in the Beijing lighting market. From a single brand point of view, it seems that there is not much dealer in a lighting market, and it is also in line with marketing rules and protection of dealers' interests and long-term development of enterprises, but in the eyes of market demand, no matter which brand is European-style lanterns, when supply exceeds demand, product surplus will inevitably occur.

 Finally, from the perspective of the entire industry, once the European lanterns are surplus, the resources of the entire industry are also a huge waste. Resources are composed of land, labor, capital and entrepreneurial talents. If the European lanterns are over-productive, they will generate a lot of waste in the above aspects. From the perspective of the lack of resources, the European lanterns will be wasted. Not only the products and resources that have already been produced, but also the adverse effects on other lighting products or other industries, because if these resources for producing European lanterns are not wasted, they can be used to produce other lighting products and other industries. Above the product.

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