Clubhouse full copper lamp, good choice is very important

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
All copper lamps in clubs have always been the concern of people engaged in this industry, because the effect of lighting on the environment is very important, especially at night. Good lighting effect can greatly improve the grade of the club and bring extremely high comfort to the guests. Nowadays, many clubs like to use high-grade marble copper lamps to decorate. However, we need to master some skills when purchasing. 1, size: before we buy, we must pay attention to the size of the space, what kind of space to choose what specifications of the club lamps. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to choose a full copper lamp with a diameter of about 30 m² in a space of. This size can ensure that the light in the space is bright enough. 2 Brand: to buy a full copper lamp, you must carefully select the brand, which has a good brand to choose, in order to be a club lamp. This kind of lamps on the market are generally more than 1,000 yuan. You must not buy those hundreds of dollars for the sake of small profits. The quality is often not guaranteed. If you want to identify brand-name products, you should pay special attention to copper lamps and copper materials when purchasing. 3, color system: you can choose according to the type of the club room. For example, the main romantic style of the room, you can choose those delicate and charming, warm color series of all copper lamps. Pay attention to the color and luster of lamps before purchasing. In the market, there are still many grades for this kind of lamps, and of course, the service life is different. Generally, special copper-treated lamps are used, and the surface color is very good. The service life of this type is also very long, which is very suitable for the use of club lamps.
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