Choose the right all-copper chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-10
Lamps and lanterns not only have the function of home lighting, but also play the role of home decoration. Good lamp collocation makes the home more emotional and makes people's life pleasant. Take the all-copper chandelier as an example. It is very important to choose the right all-copper chandelier, which depends on its appearance and function. Yan value: Although there is a lot of emphasis on the selection of lamps, such as color temperature, brightness, Lumen, etc. , these data are generally not well understood by consumers. When you go to the store to choose the all-copper chandelier, of course, look at the color and color of the lamp. In addition to meeting the lighting, the all-copper chandelier is also an indispensable finishing touch for home decoration. Therefore, the color cannot be too loud, otherwise it will have the effect of usurping the host. Function: of course, what is indispensable is the function. In addition to illuminating the space, an all-copper chandelier also needs to have the function of setting off the home atmosphere as a common lamp, it takes a long time to open, so it is also a necessary skill for a lamp with the characteristics of energy saving.
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