Changsha Jinyu club customized engineering lighting plan finalized

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
On September 16, Changsha Jinyu Club's customized engineering lighting plan was successfully finalized after three rounds of major revisions. Changsha Jinyu Club is located on the first floor of a very luxurious European-style shopping mall for internal reception. Our company has sent a design with 15 years of experience in designing customized engineering lamps to discuss with the owner and the designer in depth, and finally reached a consensus on the shape and function of customized engineering lamps, finally, it is determined to interpret the spatial characteristics in a retro style. All customized engineering lamps are presented with simple lines and tension appearance. Therefore, this high-end private club space presents a stable and noble atmosphere, and through the careful selection of customized engineering lighting materials, it conveys the message of attracting people with culture and touching people with the environment.
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