Can You Get Pendant Lights That Fit Into Recessed Light Openings?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-31
If you are tired of insert lights and want to replace them with chandeliers, you will not face major electrical modifications.The special conversion kit turns the recessed lamp case and socket into a chandelier without changing the line or requiring any tools.These kits are available at home decor and lighting stores.Installation pendant-The light conversion kit needs to take a cool bulb from the socket.Threaded base with wire, fix the screw on the socket to replace the bulb.The cover plate attached to the kit covers the old recessed-Lighting holes that look much like any other suspended bottom platelight setup.Both drum-Style and glassThere are shaded chandeliers in this kit.With some kits, the actual chandelier socket and lampshade are part of the conversion kit;With others, you may have to provide your own shade.
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