Appreciation of the real effect of single-head restaurant chandeliers and multi-head restaurant chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
The restaurant chandelier is chosen well, which can better create a dining atmosphere. We usually have a single lampshade restaurant chandelier and a multi-lampshade restaurant chandelier, although they are all restaurant chandeliers, however, the two kinds of dining chandeliers do have different characteristics. The single lampshade restaurant chandelier is mainly composed of a large lampshade. In order to expand the irradiation range, the diameter of the lampshade will be relatively large, and the lampshade is mostly designed downward. This kind of restaurant chandelier highlights the artistic atmosphere, usually the round table is more suitable for this kind of restaurant chandelier with a single lampshade. The multi-head chandelier style is relatively modern, paying attention to the beauty of the line. We can choose the restaurant chandelier corresponding to the number of heads according to the restaurant area. The multi-head restaurant chandelier is rich in shape and more refined, the dining table at home is rectangular. You can consider this kind of multi-head lampshade restaurant chandelier.
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