Application scope of all-copper wall lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
In many furniture and lighting lamps, people often ignore the existence of all-copper wall lamps, but they do not know that all-copper wall lamps are not only products applied in corridors or luxury villas, in the ordinary home decoration, the lighting effect and decorative effect of all-copper wall lamps can also be called the finishing touch. Today, the application scope of all-copper wall lamps is analyzed from the living room and bedroom. The living room application: the living room is the main place for a family. Generally, the main lamp of the glass solder lamp is used as the main lighting, and the combination of local lighting is used. The unique copper wall lamp is placed in the appropriate position on the wall, which can make the wall shine. If there are murals, display cabinets, etc. , invisible spotlights can be set to embellish them. Bedroom application, the main function of the bedroom is to rest, but it is not a single sleeping area. To give full play to the multiple uses of the bedroom, careful design must be made for lighting decoration. All-copper wall lamps can also be installed on the mirror surface of the dressing table. Small and exquisite all-copper wall lamps are symmetrical and have no shadow, which is convenient for dressing; All-copper wall lamps are set at the bedside of the bedroom to not only provide lighting, but also meet the needs of the owner to lie down and read books.
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