Analysis of the style selection and lighting requirements of all copper lamps from the perspective of Feng Shui

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
When the designer picks up the pen in his hand to design our room, he considers too many elements. The design of the room must first have a sense of security. The building structure is strong and safe, which is beneficial to earthquake prevention, fire prevention and sun protection. It has good lighting, ventilation, heating, lighting and heat insulation conditions. Divide static space, dynamic space, private space, public space, etc. It is these thoughtful designs of designers that divide each independent space well, so when choosing lighting tools for each independent space, the headache comes, how to better choose a suitable all-copper lamp so that every space can achieve the desired effect? The function of each room is different, and the selected all-copper lamp is different. Feng shui theory pays attention to the darkroom of the Ming Hall; It is said that the light in the living room should be bright, while the light in the bedroom should be darker. 1. Living room: the living room should have sufficient lights. Too dim lights will affect the master's career development. The choice of all-copper lamps for the ceiling of the living room is very important. The all-copper lamps for the living room should be round chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the moral of doing things satisfactorily. The light color of the living room should be bright, and the light should be even in the living room. Some living rooms that lack sunlight are dim and unclear, and they are prone to depression. In this case, fluorescent lamps are hidden in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to fill the light. Such light is refracted from the ceiling and is soft and not dazzling. 2. Bedroom: The bedroom is a place for people to rest and recharge, so the color of the full copper lamp must be soft, not dazzling, and it is good for people to sleep. 3. Kitchen: The light color of the kitchen should be white and cold, because fire is used in the kitchen to cook food. In order to maintain the balance of yin and yang in the kitchen, the light color of all copper lamps in the kitchen should be cold, balance with the fire in the kitchen. 4. Toilet: the color of toilet lights should be warm yellow and soft light, because there is more water and more moisture in the toilet, which should be balanced with warm copper lights. 5, Study: study, the first impression is generally simple, this is a sacred place for reading and learning, the choice of lamps, of course, important, you can choose some to help vision, the single-controlled All-copper desk lamp improves work efficiency and is also a good choice for energy saving and electricity saving while studying at night without disturbing family rest. 6. Restaurant: The restaurant is used as a place for eating. The choice of lamps and lanterns also takes into account the atmosphere of the whole meal. The full copper lamp is bright and warm. 7. Entrance: the color of the full copper lamp in the entrance should be especially bright, because the entrance is the air inlet of the house, and the light must be kept bright. The lamps in the entrance can choose spotlights, downlights and ceiling lamps, as long as you can keep enough light.
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