Analysis of 'Highlights and Focus' of Zhongshan Lighting in 2013

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-26


 The lighting companies that have been plagued by patent infringement have ushered in good news for them. At the first IP  Summit Forum held last weekend, Chen Xichong, deputy director of the Zhongshan Intellectual Property Office, revealed that Zhongshan will invest 1 million yuan this year to support lighting companies to purchase patent insurance to protect the intellectual property rights of Guzhen lighting companies.


 1 will form a cluster of Zhongshan lighting industry cluster

 On the morning of October 18th, it was the 12th China lighting fair; Zhongshan Guzhen International Fair & LED Application Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the  Expo) opened at the Guzhen Lights Convention and Exhibition Center. On the opening day, Guzhen Town and Henglan Town signed a framework agreement to jointly promote the development of Zhongshan  Industry. It is hoped that the regional cooperation of the two towns will further consolidate and expand the advantages of the Zhongshan wall sconce industry cluster, and jointly strengthen the headlight fair to realize the sharing of industrial resources and platforms. The regional cooperation agreement mainly promotes the traffic integration of the two towns and industrial cooperation, and utilizes the advantages of the fast trunk lines such as Shagu Highway, Gushen Highway and Zhongjiang Expressway to plan the layout of the road network as a whole and form a Zhongshan wall sconce for over 100 square kilometers. Industrial clusters; promote the division of labor and functional layout that is compatible with industrial upgrading. Guzhen Town develops into a cluster of corporate headquarters that has become a global marketing center, design center, technology center, and brand providing service center; Henglan Town has become a global Efforts in the manufacturing and R&D centers of the lighting and lighting industry; promote the sharing of platforms compatible with industrial development, integrate the administrative resources of the two towns in investment promotion and enterprise services, share and strengthen the work of the big lamp fairs and lamps, and extend the inspection of ancient towns. Certification, export consulting, industry-university-research cooperation, intellectual property rights application and rights protection, brand authorization use, price index release and other resources, sharing industrial services, and integration of lighting electrical industry associations, relevant regional chambers of commerce, lighting colleges, Zhongshan, and other institutions, Share resources such as industry and talent information.

 2 Lights Square held a groundbreaking ceremony

 At 11 o'clock on the morning of October 18, the groundbreaking ceremony of the   Plaza of the Global  and  Industry Center was held at the site of the Lampwang Square in Guzhen Town. The ceremony held a lighting ceremony, which symbolized the official launch of the Plaza in the global lighting and lighting industry center. Guzhen Industry will use this to achieve industrial upgrading, build a comprehensive industrial service center for R&D, trade, financing, settlement, logistics, training and e-commerce, and build the ancient town into a global lighting capital.

 The global lighting and lighting industry center has a total planning area of 430,000 square meters and a total construction area of 1.7 million square meters. It is divided into three phases for construction. The first phase is Dengwang Plaza, the second phase is the headquarters office area, and the third phase is the integrated commercial and residential area. The project construction content mainly includes: 328 meters high dining table chandelier king landmark building, global lighting lighting brand exhibition trade city, lighting museum, headquarters base, research and development design park, industrial service building, senior talent apartment, industrial theme hotel, etc. The core cities set up a chain sales service platform to realize the listing of domestic A-share IPOs after the completion of the first and second phases of the project.

 3 Academies will crack the bottleneck of industry talents

 According to reports, in view of the fact that there are few colleges and universities specializing in the development of lighting design and lighting manufacturing technicians, Guzhen reached a consensus with the Zhongshan Vocational College in 2011 and decided to cooperate in running schools to break the bottleneck of the lighting industry talents. In the second half of 2012, the school-enterprise cooperation teachers of Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College visited dozens of ancient town enterprises on the operation mode and curriculum of the  Academy. The college in the Qifang Industrial Zone of the ancient town was officially started.

 Yu Xipen, secretary of the party committee of Guzhen Town, revealed that the Guzhen  College has completed the basic construction and is currently finishing the project, which will be officially opened. According to the relevant person in charge, in addition to providing college education, the  Academy also has technical education and short-term vocational training at the secondary level, and courses are offered around the two towns of lighting and gardening in Guzhen. Patent infringement number of cases closed 6 times in 3 years. In 2011,EME a well-known lighting company in Zhongshan, launched a swan-headed table lamp. This product was introduced to the market and many companies immediately competed to imitate it. EME Company has made a rough survey and statistics, and there are no fewer than 30 companies that infringe on the intellectual property rights of this swan head style table lamp. The enterprises that suffer the same infringement problems as EME Company are numerous in the ancient town of Zhongshan. This is related to the short product cycle. Many companies are therefore reluctant to invest in cost research and development and choose to counterfeit peer products.

 Zhou Jintian, director of the rights protection center, said that the rights defending center went to the shop and the store to complain about the law, and it took almost three months before and after. The infringing company finally stopped the production and sales of counterfeit products and made economic compensation. Since its establishment in June 2011, the Rights Protection Center has been repeating reasoning and mediation to help light companies defend their rights.

 According to statistics, in 2010, the rights protection center handled 70 cases of rights protection. In 2012, 234 rights protection cases were handled, of which 225 cases were successfully settled, involving compensation of 471,800 yuan, and 72 mediations ended. Three years of light enterprise infringement was closed. The number has tripled in 3 years. Jiao Xuejun, chief of the Patent Management Section of Zhongshan Intellectual Property Office, said that from the change in the number of cases closed, it can be seen that the awareness of Zhongshan  Enterprise in intellectual property rights has improved, and it can also be seen that the effectiveness of the rights protection center is improved.
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