All copper living room chandelier installation height precautions

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
The living room in the family is a very important place to provide everyone with leisure and entertainment, a place to make friends, what are the precautions for the choice of all-copper living room chandeliers in this space? Generally speaking, a full copper living room chandelier will be selected in the living room. The full copper living room chandelier has single layer and multi-layer. We need to choose the right all-copper living room chandelier according to the height of the floor. The floor of a general elevator room is about to. For such a floor height, lamps with a height of no more than should be selected, in this way, we try our best to ensure that the all-copper living room chandelier is about one and a half meters away from people. Through such matching, people will not feel depressed in the all-copper living room chandelier, especially when turning on the lights at night, it will also be more comfortable visually. If it is a duplex villa, the height of the floor in some places is relatively high, exceeding. In this case, double-layer or multi-layer all-copper living room chandeliers can be selected according to the actual height, set off the whole space to be more atmospheric.
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