All copper lamps match all kinds of home decoration styles

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
Many people think of all-copper lamps in the first place, all of which are European and American style lamps. This is people's first subconscious reaction to all-copper lamps. In fact, all-copper lamps are very versatile lamps. China has used all-copper lighting precedents thousands of years ago. It was already very brilliant in the Han Dynasty, and most of them were used as Royal supplies. Europe is also popular in the Renaissance, and it is mainly used as a European royal product. Therefore, all-copper lamps have always been used as high-end lamps. Many people think that all-copper lamps are only suitable for some European and American decoration styles, which are incompatible with other decoration styles. There will be a small misunderstanding. Here is a simple analysis based on some decoration styles. European and American style: for European and American style lamps, it is a good match for all-copper lamps. All-copper lamps and all-copper glass solder lamps are very suitable, so we won't go into details here. Chinese style and new Chinese Style: traditional Chinese style and the popular new Chinese style are both great tests for all-copper lamps, but this is for this point, xu du manufacturers have launched a series of Chinese style lamps. On the basis of the same material and technology, through strict and careful design and appearance changes and the addition of some new materials, all copper lamps are perfectly matched. Chinese elements are added to the appearance, and materials such as jade or ceramics will be used. Modern style: Many people say that it is awkward and difficult to build all-copper lamps in modern style. In fact, when choosing styles, you can choose some all-copper glass solder lamps with simple shapes, glass can choose clear and transparent and frosted simple treatment, less choice of some complicated and complicated shapes. The above is just a brief introduction. Many styles can be subdivided into many small classification styles. The decoration depends on personal preferences and designers' recommendations, I believe everyone can match the perfect home environment.
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