victorian crystal chandelier Hotel DuPont: A Source of Distinction

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-05

The Dupont Hotel in downtown Wilmington, Delaware is an outstanding architectural masterpiece.Once you walk past the outstanding, statue, walnut door;You are transformed into a period of pure comfort and famous hospitality.More than 103 years ago, the hotel opened in a grand fashion and designed "Italian Renaissance style "."The Dupont Hotel lobby was redecorated in 2010 with stunning modern furniture and well-known artwork, and you are welcome.This famous building is a symbol of historical intrigue and elegance.We must sincerely thank our Heavenly Father, the Lord, for giving such a creative thinking power to man to build such awe --Inspiring structureNow, I am honored to share this architectural splendor with my readers.This is my twin sister Paulette, her daughter Chante and granddaughter LaShae on a weekend getaway.My daughters and I, Wanisha, Jaleesa, had the privilege of spending a weekend at this great hotel.Thank you, Mohammed Bay was employed by the DuPont hotel and my daughter Wanisha organized this awesome weekend.This outstanding looking hotel is a bit pricey, but as the old saying goes, "you pay for what you get."From the time we arrived, we had excellent service.Professional dress attendants, luggage handlers and front desk staff are very attentive to every need we have.When we arrived at our suite, the refinement was understated.My sister Linda and her husband Randolph stayed at the Dupont Hotel when my daughter and Mo got married last year.After the wedding, she said: "Neither my husband nor I would like to leave.Our suite was clean after we got back from the wedding and the clothes we left out were even hung up."Sister Lane, who I have also stayed in, said," This is the best hotel I have ever stayed in.We agree with these statements.Make our experience clearer;Last Holiday.It is speculated that Latifah tried to spend the last days of her life at the swank hotel, where she ate delicious food and enjoyed the ultimate source of lifestyle, regardless of the cost.We can never afford the Queen's experience, but we did try to live that way.It's interesting to see how rich people live.Although we must humbly try to find the best deals we can afford whenever we travel.We stayed in two adjacent suites on weekends with comfortable beds, OakPaneled columns, stylish furniture and a variety of amenities from bubble bath to designer body wash, lotion, comfortable white bathrobes and shoes are also provided.We had an unforgettable weekend.As soon as we opened the package, it was dinner time.We booked at the hotel restaurant.Self-The brochure describes our dinner experience in this way, "the green room offers the best French cuisine in an unforgettable setting, there are smoked oak paneling, plaid oak beams ceiling, Italian mosaics and original oil paintings.When you look up, admire the pure gold chandelier imported from Spain.The green room has a combination of old and new colors;It includes sparkling curtains, comfortable wing-back chairs and Versace Chinese patterns.This is the perfect place for two intimate dinners, followed by an unforgettable wedding offer."We didn't see any exciting wedding proposals, but the atmosphere and delicious food were perfect for any major occasion.Shariar has provided us with excellent service and he has worked in the hotel for more than 26 years.His professional spirit is refreshing.Drinks such as Dirty Martini and Long Island iced tea are also available.Our appetizers for the evening are a variety of special salads and French onion soup.The taste and look are impeccable, with grilled crab cake with fried spinach, surf and turf, grilled scallops and delicious desserts.At the end of dinner and after dinner, there are all kinds of delicious biscuitsdinner drinks.Our Self-After a big dinner, we started ourselves.Tour guide of the hotel.Amazing.In the guide booklet, it is described as "the golden ballroom has proven a long timeWith the execution of the walls decorated in "graffiti", the craft is lost.This artistic style of the Italian Renaissance includes multi-layer colored plaster, which determines color and design with special tools."Du Barry Room is also part of a tour of beautiful crystal chandeliers imported from Yugoslavia.Although it is not original to the room, it enhances the beauty and splendor of the room.Some of the world's most prestigious original paintings by # Andrew Wyeth and \ "three generations of N. WyethsC.Christina Room.Room Brady.\ "The stars will also gather in the Brandywine room to talk quietly and have tea and dine here after the show, like Ingrid Bergman and her daughter # Isabella RosselliniWilmington is home to the Broadway tour and hosts many other shows and events throughout the year.The theater is now run by # The Grand Opera House and has remained open for every season in The past 102, making it The oldest continuous theater on Broadway tour.\ "Please contact 302 for more information and tours-888-0200.The Self-The brochure mentions that "in its history, the Dupont Hotel has 217 rooms and welcomes many famous guests, including the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu;Our future and past presidents, including John F. Kennedy.Sports legends such as Joe DiMaggio;Members of the royal family, such as Prince Rainier of Monaco and other iconic celebritiesCharles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Catherine Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt and more.Current political and entertainment figures who have participated in hotel events include # Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Bruce Willis, Reese Witherspoon, # Denzel Washington, even all sports teams including Tampa Bay Ray and Arizona Cardinals."For more history and images of the hotel, visit our gift shop to purchase our books" American images: DuPont hotels "and" American images: DuPont Theater.
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