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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-02

If you do this for the first time, selling your own house can be intimidating.Here's how to deal with unpleasant negotiators.Unpleasant negotiators sometimes you meet someone who won't be happy, unless he makes you accept things that are less valuable than your home, or do something unreasonable for his benefit.Then what?First, let's talk about the most common forms of these annoying types, and then we'll talk about how to deal with them.One form often taken by unpleasant negotiators is someone who tries to intimidate you and devalue your property.If someone tries to keep you on the defensive, the red flag should rise.I'm not talking about occasional negative reviews.I'm talking about a whole bunch of them and the attitude that comes with them.Even if it is covered up with classic good manners and charm, you are dealing with a rogue.The second typical form taken by unpleasant negotiators is "nibbler "."You think the negotiations are over and the two of you have reached an agreement that is acceptable to both sides.Then, when you are in the process of completing the sales process, at different times, the other person will bite you.\ "They usually pretend that they don't know the carpet needs to be stretched, the roof needs to be replaced, and the crystal chandeliers in the restaurant are not communicated or filled --in-the-Blank and use this as an excuse to change things.This process can and does continue until the settlement point or the transaction break point, whichever comes first!The Walk-Sometimes you get these two nasty types in a negotiator, but don't despair.You can deal with them.The first thing you need to do is stay calm and evaluate your mindset.At every step forward, ask yourself, "Is this reasonable ?"?Would I like to do this for sale?"Continue as long as the answer is" yes."Willing to go away if the answer turns" no."I will not emphasize the power of" willing to walk away "for negotiations.Don't read that sentence too fast.People willing to walk away."This is one of the most powerful negotiating tools on Earth.It\'s simple.It does not need to be hated.What it does need, however, is that you will not consider your house being sold (or purchased) until all negotiations are really over ).Think about it.When you are emotionally excited to think that your house is sold, you will "lose your stance" with a nasty bargaining representative ".As long as you are willing to walk away, you have the same strength as the buyer wants to buy.If such a "transaction" fails, that's it.In any case, you won't get what you want from it.Now, a word "chew."There is a civilized way to deal with this situation.Don't rush to do it unless you really feel like it's a minor issue or you become a nasty negotiator yourself.However, a small question can be solved by simply asking, "would you do this if I did it for you ?"in-the-blank\' for me?\ "Your goal is to convey to the bite person that every successful bite will cost him some price.It is important to make it relative to the ni request.If your thinking is not fast, you can always say, "I will reply to you at this point.\ "Don't let yourself rush if you think it's best when you think about things carefully.Stay calm and thoughtful.No one can force you to sell or buy goods that are not in your best interest.Continue to evaluate the situation and be open to the possibility that you may need to leave until the sale is complete.In this way, you will not force yourself to do things that are not in your best interests.It's not easy, but it's simple.Control yourself.
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