stainless steel pendant light How to Mix Metals in Home Decor

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
stainless steel pendant light How to Mix Metals in Home Decor
You may be considered daring to incorporate metal elements into your home decor, but due to proper layering and close attention to detail, metal brings a rich contemporary atmosphere to the space.Mix and match the metal in your home for bold and avant-garde decor style and take the "all goes well" approach to achieve the metal diversity for the best results.The whole kitchen is mixed with metal to make the space interesting.Contrast to white cabinets with dark bronze trim, bronze rail lighting, and stainless steel appliances.Finish the look with espressoColor table and Chromelegged chairs.Hang a bold copper chandelier on the table instead of a traditional chandelier.The final masterpiece should have a few metal elements that pop up immediately, and the less obvious part will increase the interest of the different layers of the room.Metal furniture does not have to be Chrome or wrought iron.Place some of these hard parts throughout the room to complement the whole theme, but also include sparkling padded chairs and sofas.Decorate your worn-out laminated furniture with DIY painting and printing items using silver, gold and bronze paint.These recycled pieces are arranged throughout the space.For example, the living room can include a plush silverHued sofa with chrome and glass end table.Renovated old wooden coffee table in bronzePainted in color and placed in front of the sofa.Sprinkle the jewelry pillows on the sofa to finish the look.Lighting provides one of the easiest ways to mix metal materials into a room.Traditional GoldFinished chandeliers can be mixed with modern silver chandeliers.In the living room, the black fireplace is in sharp contrast to the pewterColor chandeliers and gold chandeliersFinish the Baroque frame in a favorite painting.If the room is furnished with chrome furniture, warm the space with gold furnitureHued and bronze lighting.When you decorate with metal, you will notice that the matching look is actually less attractive than the mix look, so don't be afraid to mix and match the finish of the lamps and lighting fixtures.A variety of metal accents were mixed throughout the room.For example, combine the brushed nickel bathroom faucet with the chrome bath faucet and shower head.Further diversity with oilBronze hardware.Decorate with accessories of personal significance.The antique sideboard that is handed over to you can be decorated with your collection of silver tea sets or antique jewelry boxes.Hang the mirror strategically throughout the room to amplify the mixed metal theme.Family photos and original artwork can be displayed in the frame with a variety of metal finishes (such as silver, gold, copper, brass and copper.
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