stainless steel pendant light Black & Green Kitchen Decorating Themes

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
stainless steel pendant light Black & Green Kitchen Decorating Themes
Redecorate your kitchen in blackand-The green theme has nothing to do with any decoration style.In addition to the color scheme, the architectural features of the home, as well as kitchen appliances, floors, cabinets and other furniture, contribute to the overall design and feel of the kitchen.However, the specific green tones used in the theme may have a significant impact on achieving the decor style you want.Simple and casual farmhouse decoration style.Fill your kitchen with things that help make the space feel comfortable and inviting.Soft white paint on the wall will provide neutral background for your countryand-green theme.Paint kitchen cabinets with celeryGreen is finished with weathering and distressed, and decorated with black ceramic hardware.Install black soap stone countertops and a matching farmhouse sink to enhance the rustic charm.A wide-Wooden hardwood floors in country black finish will continue the farmhouse style.Black wooden blinds on Windows, vintage greenGlass chandelier on the ceiling.Possible accents include black pottery jars, potted plants, flower vases, old bottles and country collections --Inspiration hung on the wall.Simple white appliances are suitable for farmhouse style.The smallest furniture, shiny textures and straight lines are typical of contemporary decor.The walls of paint are almost ~Only a little bit of green White and Apple-The green paint color of the kitchen cabinet is semi-gloss.Connect the shiny chrome handle and knob to the cabinet drawer and door.Glossy, jet-The black laminated countertop will be in stark modern contrast to the AppleGreen cabinets.Stainless-Stainless steel appliances and fashionFeatures and style steel chandeliers are provided.Roman shades of black, white and AppleThe green stripe pattern on the kitchen window enhances the feeling of being clean and modern.The natural theme can bring the outdoors indoors.Paint the kitchen walls under the lightsGray with neutral background is provided.Apply a soft-The kitchen cabinets are painted in white color, with black wooden knobs and handles added to the drawers and doors.Template nature with a hard brushUse sage green paint to attach inspiration patterns such as leaves, trees and ferns to the cabinet door.Hang natural woven grass or wooden curtains on the windows and decorate the walls with natural arrangementsinspired black-and-White photo.Experience premium with black bamboo flooring, black marble countertops and stainless steel flooringSteel appliances.The Old World style conveys the feeling of a warm, charming space that looks like it was a few centuries ago.Paint the walls with polished paintImitate the yellow color of the old villa walls.Apply black paint on the cabinet to make the Cabinet look out of date.Add a green granite countertop in sharp contrast to a Black Cabinet.Inject black wrought iron throughout the kitchen with lamps, cabinet hardware and wall sculptures.Black goose-Black neck tapKitchen sink graniteThe theme consists of rustic wood floors and black appliances.
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