shop light fixtures Little Shop of Nostalgia - Review of Kopitiam Café and Restaurant, Old Phuket Town, Thailand

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-29

If you're in Phuket Town, it's worth a visit to have a charming little restaurant: Cafe Kopitiam©There is also a restaurant.Century) in the old town, this restaurant is the perfect place for those who enjoy delicious, affordable home-Want to learn a cooked food for a quick history lesson!The food here is traditional Thai with Chinese flavor.descent.Using family recipes (passed down from generation to generation) and fresh local ingredients, she made delicious dishes on the restaurant menu.Sino-Kopitiam style houses, herbal shops, temples, shrines) are easy to find, especially its vivid green doors and beautiful red lanterns on the balcony.Inside, d.©Cor reminds people of an old Chinese tea room: dark teak tables and chairs, antique wooden screens, and ancient-Old-fashioned ceiling fans and lamps, faded silk banners with golden Chinese characters, etc.A dozen black ones.and-The White photos hanging on the wall, along with some rusty vintage mirrors, make the old world of the restaurant more beautiful.However, the menu is modern Thai and English.You can't help but notice a long list of hot and cold drinks (coffee, tea, beer, soda) on the front page ).After all, Kopitiam is a coffee shop and a favorite gathering place for many locals in Phuket Town who gather for a cup of coffee or tea.In Kopitiam, coffee and tea are not served in cups, but in small vintage glassware --a classy touch!-This is one of several interesting herbal drinks.Served in a high glass with ice, it is sweet, a bit abrupt, only a little mint flavor, this drink is very refreshing and perfect for handling the infamous hot and humid phuke infamous.Hokkien-Pork or chicken.stir-Traditional Thai soup.stir-.The soup is delicious.A bowl of steaming rice noodlesAdd juicy shrimp, green vegetables and carrotsCrisp broth with thin slices of scallions and ginger.Simple and delicious!Soup is big enough for two people (we always share the food in the restaurant) and according to the waitress, there is no MSG in the broth.The stir-Fried chicken is also done very well: a lot of chicken, along with onions, carrots, pineapple pieces and cashew nuts, all perfectly cooked with oil and soy sauce.Sprinkle red pepper and scallions at the end of the dish.The scent is amazing!Delicious and spicy enough to wake up the taste buds.This delicious dish served with steamed jasmine rice and fresh cucumber slices is enough for one person to enjoy.After lunch, out of curiosity, we went through the black one --and-White pictures on the wallIn the past, mining and maritime trade were the main commercial activities, an impressive snapshot of Phuket Town.Some photos are amazing!We did learn something about the history of Phuket Town from these photos.If you walk to the back of the restaurant, there will be more history to be discovered, there is a large antique bookcase with charming antique knick-Books, maps, vinyl records, jewelry boxes, tea pots, etc.) on display.Cafe Kopitiam restaurant©The restaurant is a real gem.Delicious food, affordable price, friendly service and nostalgic atmosphere make the place unique and unforgettable.Interesting fact: Kopitiam means "coffee house" in Minnan language.The Bumrungwong family also owns a herbal store next door, along with a restaurant called "wilai" on the same street.The lunch price for two people, including drinks, is 270 baht (about $8 ).Don't forget to buy some houses-Just 25 baht (about $0) to make snacks like dry bananas (with or without sugar.$75) at the checkout counter so you can continue to enjoy the taste of Kopitiam while exploring Phuket Town.The only regret we had was that we did not try any of the delicious coffee drinks as we did not drink coffee!Hours: 11AM-10PM Monday-Saturday.Closed Sunday.Phone: 081-The author and his partner recently spent a month in Thailand.One day they stumbled upon Kopitiam when they tried to find a 200year-Ancient Buddhist shrine in Phuket Town.All the photos were taken by the author with SamsungPL120 DualView 14.2MP digital camera.Condom brochure
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