polished nickel chandelier how to make a nickel finish from spray paint | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-19

Creating a nickel finish on your hardware, railings, lamp stands, frames, and other items is really a smart decoration option.Due to its inherent versatility, nickel finish provides you with more room for design.Polished nickel can immediately look smooth and modern, reminiscent of Chrome, or it can look traditional and almost provincial, reminiscent of the quality of polished brass.If this is the look you desire, you don't have to buy all the new nickel plated items for your home.Instead, you can replicate the appearance of nickel by choosing the right form of metal painting.Wipe the item with a wet rag and a dot of a universal cleaner.Let it dry.Rub items with 100-Sandpaper, then 220-grit sandpaper.This will prepare items for painting.Run a hand-held vacuum cleaner on the item and absorb dust from the sanding.Buy a few silverMetal paint based on shiny or matte colors with the name "nickel.\ "Paint a piece of scrap wood or metal in each color to test which paint gives you the closest color to nickel.It's helpful to have a nickel.Electroplating objects that compare colors.Paint with the color you choose.Move the paint spray tank evenly back and forth to create a uniform, uniform finish.Let this coat dry for 12 hours before applying a second coat to get a nice, realistic coatlooking finish.
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