living room light fixtures A Psychopath in the Family: My Personal Experience

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-30

When most people think of the word "mental illness", they have an image of a serial killer or other monster in their head.It is true that most serial killers are mentally ill, but more interestingly, most are not serial killers.In fact, many people with mental illness have no criminal record at all.Up to 1 in the United States-2 out of every 100 people are crazy, and many of them make the world very high.A recent study actually claimed 1 out of 20 peopleFive business leaders may be crazy.According to the above description, the psychopaths do not sound worse than others, or at least not worse than others.So what makes them mentally ill first?First of all, they have great charm for themselves.They are cute and inviting and they will say what you want to say or hear.They are the highest politicians in this regard.Their favorite thing is to pull the wool from the eyes of everyone around them so that they can manipulate them and use them for their own purposes.In fact, they are completely unsympathetic, which leads them to believe that others are just being used.They are often obsessed with power and money.Where did I meet a neuropathy?In my own family.She's my aunt, ever since.There's a problem going there.She is the third child of a pair of parents, shortly after her divorce before her mother continued to have two children.One of the babies is my mom and the other is my uncle because they have a last name for the next personMy aunt didn't like them at once as if they dragged her down somehow.From the time they were born, she would be malicious and cruel to them, trying to honor any good thing they did, and making sure they knew they were lower than themselves.Once she dared my mom to ride a horse that she knew was completely wild.My mother got on the wild animal and then it ran out.It ran and ran without any instructions from the rider.Finally, my mother was able to leave it safely when it ran out of herself.My aunt is very angry.Not only did this not kill my mother, it started a long and halfThe successful training process of the horse ended up listening only to my mother's orders, which made my aunt very upset and she claimed to be a family horse expert.The situation did not improve after adulthood.My aunt would invite her youngest brother to her big Christmas party and treat everyone luxuriously with expensive gifts, making sure that not only did he get anything from her, but from any other guestShe was happy to make him feel bad.At the same time, she noticed that her sister got along very well with my mother.They were very close and she couldn't handle it, so she had been making up lies for years trying to get them to fight each other.Although it has been successful several times, it has never completely broken the relationship.Only death can do this.Her sister and my mom moved to another state and left her behind.By this time, she had been pregnant twice in her teens, raising a little boy and a little girl.Her doting girl gave the world to the boy for the first time and she almost ignored it.When her precious baby girl is born, you will see that he is a jerk.Even though this is what she did, she still thinks it is appropriate to punish this innocent child.He almost disappeared as an adult.From now until now, people will hear rumors that a person with a very broken mood has made a bad life decision and is getting deeper and deeper into a dark abyss.Although I have never met him, I feel extremely sympathetic and sympathetic to him.My aunt and I had an early experience.She had horses.I like to ride them. which little girl does not like them?I 've been riding her horse around the small paddock for hours.Shiba is a very good horse, a grumpy apalusa horse that can stand the shit of my aunt, which no one can stand.Shiba grew up at some point and a black pony entered the scene.This is the first time I have seen the true nature of my aunt, because unlike Shiba, the foal has been grumpy, grumpy and mean since childhood.She took a bite, kicked her foot and lost her temper, usually an untrustworthy creature.It turns out that whenever this animal doesn't do what she wants, my aunt usually loses patience with it, instead of the gentle coaxing that should be used to train a young horse, she will hit it, kick it, or intimidate it physically-a way to guarantee that the prey is completely nuts!Shiba is the only horse my aunt has that she has no emotional damage.All the other horses were replaced with trained horses that would make untrustworthy beasts before getting another one.I was very sad when Sheba finally died of natural causes.When I realized that most people in my aunt's life were under 12 years old, I was probably about ten years old. The unfortunate children come from a desperate background, allowing them to ride or continue with a small field trip.If she were a man, we might think of her as a pedophile, but that's not the case.The children are just the only ones who believe so easily that she is the goddess of the world.She needs this worship.However, at the age of 12 or so, I realized her nonsense, and so did many other children, and we all left.So far, she has become familiar with all her praise.My aunt is an emergency person who may have saved her life but she did not do it from the bottom of her heart, she is an EMT, because she is showing off everywhere the right to wear her EMT jacket and telling everyone around what a great job it is, the feeling of saving people and serving the community isThe whole spiel is bullshit.She only wants people to look at her image very well, worship her and envy her.She spent 20 years in college, took every course and told everyone that her next job would be a major breakthrough, all of which was worth it.Of course, she thinks spiel, a permanent student, also makes her look smart, but that's not the case.Who has been in college for twenty years?!It's a waste of money, time and money, it's the only love of her life.She does anything for money, no matter how mean it is.She took money from her mother, claiming to help repair the house or buy new appliances.Even though she did do these things, she did them the cheapest way possible so she could put most of the dough into her pocket.She never told anyone, but it's obvious.She found her true call in the church, where she ruled everyone, just as she was the second coming of Jesus himself.I'm sure she feels so important.I'm sure she feels she has the right to judge everyone around her while improving her reputation and make herself look the perfect person on Earth.The church has something more attractive than money.There is nothing more like power over wealth, power over people, and power for power that anti-society people like.She's a tyrant.She incited and manipulated people to make them feel bad because they did not meet the biblical standards she adopted, and even started the public humiliation routine in the church, before forcing the defectors to stand up, she will first depend on the whole congregation and tell them the terrible details that each of their sins first leads to their fleas, including but not limited to why they are pregnant outside of marriageShe persecuted them for the same mistakes she made early in her life, and she did not even feel any sympathy for any of them.She's one of the most charitable churches-Goer, a successful businesswoman, the most educated woman in town, but she lacks a heart and it all makes no sense except that she tries to portray her image.My grandmother's death was the last straw for me.My aunt walked around and told everyone how she took care of the woman and how my mother abandoned her from the state.In fact, even though we live outside the state where we often go, where we do everything we can, from cleaning the house, moving furniture, repairing, for anything that needs to be done, we did this not to brag, but to make my grandmother more comfortable in her golden years.My aunt did live in town but did very little, only the minimalism that made her look good.Ten years later, she didn't move the room as she said, she didn't even fix the living room light fixtures or the leaking bathroom sink, and I know she was asked to do those things.If this is not bad enough, she launched a coup between her cousins, permanently destroying the family on some photos, some of them (real old tin photos) she had completely stolen from the manor.I stood for three days and knew she was going to grab the picture and scanned it into the computer frantically.I need more time.I gave the album to my brother who stayed at a local hotel.My aunt told everyone that my bitch was trying to steal them and they should have brought them back so many of my cousins showed up in the hotel to improve the quality of the album.When I finally scanned everything from my poor grandmother, she didn't even have a funeral.Still, my aunt took out the album and distributed all the photos to the family she thought was worth it, it does not include at all her two youngest siblings and their descendants, the distant cousins she handed most of them.During this time, she put too much pressure on my mother, and in order to avoid her, she almost let her skip her mother's funeral.Instead, I took her to the funeral home before the service and told the waiter there what was going on and they allowed us to say goodbye without this terrible distraction.We have never been to the actual service.I was so excited that I didn't even cry and I felt a little bad about it when I approached my Gram.I think she should shed tears.Two days later, we found ourselves in the dirtiest law firm.My aunt either forged a fraudulent will or forced my grandma to sign something she didn't know what it was.It was a poorly written will that gave almost everything to my aunt, who was not my grandmother's favorite at this time.If my aunt died, her daughter would be punished the same way, not for the other surviving children of my grandmother, but for the grandchildren she had almost never seen before, there doesn't seem to be much of a relationship.If this is not an obvious inconsistency, my grandmother will list her as single.She is a widow, not a single, and will never be written like that.My aunt was walking around and telling people that just two days after the funeral, it was my mother who forced us to deal with the estate, the funeral was over and there was rubbish everywhere.As usual, she ends up getting anything she thinks has money or emotional value.We lived in my grandmother's house a few months later (it was the house of three living siblings until my mother bought the other two.) We had a bachelor party for a friend with all the usual gear.She rushed into the house to see what we were doing and accused us of stealing.Our pet, cockapoo, never growled in her life, and before she rushed into the living room, she growled and I was making wedding gifts there.She tried to talk to me.I just sat there looking at my project and knew that if I looked into her eyes, I would jump up and start beating her out even at the most dangerous times.She doesn't know what hit her!I am an extreme peacekeeper and never wanted to hurt anyone, but I know I will if I raise my head.I can feel it in my heart, a silent, intense murderous rage.I was able to kill that day.She rushed into a bedroom and was still trying to figure out what was going on.There, she found a box with all the decorations, props and party supplies inside, with hundreds of small plastic and paper penises.It was clearly shocking and frightening enough for her to leave there quickly.I was relieved.As soon as the house was settled, my aunt abandoned her husband for more than 20 years, left the state and lived with her new horse and another man.If she is just waiting for her mother to die so she can escape into the life she wants.She tortured the man and something interesting happened after she left.overnight.He's changed!Nevertheless, his newly discovered freedom did not last.My aunt had cancer and refused treatment and was dying now.Now she feels it is worth it to torture the man again and tie him to her deathbed so he can watch her die.It's not everything she does.It's great to bring pain and suffering to an old victim, but that's not enough.She wanted to cause more conflict, so she incited her daughter to go to war with my mother on FaceBook.What's over?Apparently she wanted to ban my mother from attending her own funeral!Even if she died, she could not release her power.My mother never attended the funeral, but it wasn't because she was banned, but because she didn't want to say meaningful goodbye to the person who tortured her for life.Today, my aunt is still the only one I feel worth it, and she went through a long, painful time before she died.Because of her, I soon started to learn about anti-social behavior, and whenever I saw any anti-social behavior, I went to the mountain to run.I have great sympathy for all kinds of human changes, but it is difficult for me to regard anti-social persons as human beings.Is the most shockingIn our world today, mental patients can climb behind the company like anyone's business, not because they must be good at the work they are doing --But because they have superficial charm and manipulation, they can make themselves look like they have a good job prospect.When you can coyly blame others, why let your own weaknesses disappoint you?When you can make the other two compete with each other and make yourself look like gold, why compete for a job opportunity with the other two employees?The harm they can do is very obvious, especially because they are often attracted to the work of money and power.Wall Street and banking have put us into a depression because anti-social people are making their own interests and wealth more visible than the economic health of the rest of the country?I think so.Politicians can also say anything you want to hear, but they may just want to do it for themselves.Interest, especially if they haveIt is wise to serve anti-social people and many voters, who vote for them based on their tongue and charm and the way they can spin anything.Not their fault.Always.No exceptions.If money is not their thing, it may be their control.I can't think of a better place than being a priest.Then comes the authority and worship of the people.A large group of people are manipulating for your own desires.Perfect.They are everywhere.If you find this article interesting, you may want to read other articles from Theophanes.Are neglected children suffering more brain damage than abused victims?Wild ChildrenPop!Is it easy for artistic characters to flirt with disaster?American female labor forceWhy are we not of high value?Is marketing for teenagers, children and even babies ethical?Why do people choose happiness or pain?Is modern isolation the reason for unhappiness?(Written a few years ago by a very young Theophanes.AWE.---Brooks-
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