lights the benefits of under cabinet lighting in your kitchen

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-07
There are many benefits to installing cabinet lighting in the kitchen.Low lighting under cabinetThe voltage bulb makes the task easier and safer by providing directional light to a specific area.Under cabinet lighting, your kitchen can provide two functions.It can provide task lighting for table top food preparation and accent lighting to highlight the table top and tailgate.While it is useful under the cabinets in the workshop, garage and basement, here we will focus on the kitchen.Benefits of kitchen lighting under cabinet 1) energy saving under cabinet lighting can save energy by eliminating the need to illuminate the whole room.Type of bulb-Energy-saving bulbs are most commonly used for the following purposesthe-Cabinet lighting equipment.Common cabinet bulbs include fluorescent bulbs, halogen lamps, LED bulbs and xenon bulbs.Eliminate shadows-Under the cabinet lighting, the shadow generated by the wall cabinet and overhead ceiling lighting is reduced.The appropriate spacing under cabinet lighting eliminates the dark shadow under the countertop.To eliminate the shadow, install a light every 2030 inch of counter space.4) add unique style and features to your kitchen. Many kitchen countertops are made of granite or marble.The kitchen under the cabinet light can make your stone countertop shine.5) simple installation x96 many DIYers can be installed under cabinet lighting within a few hours.Type of lighting under cabinet: Emergency Light, ice hockey light, linear lamp emergency light: these are rectangular lamps, they work well with fluorescent bulbs.They are perfect for spreading light to the kitchen.Ice hockey lights: these are the fixtures of the circle, and their names come from the ice hockey of the circle --Like size and appearance.These lights are best suited to highlight the countertop and tailgate.The Puck lamp works with LED, halogen lamp and xenon bulb.Ice hockey lights can be installed in different positions, can be aimed down, can also be installed on the tailgate.As an alternative, ice hockey lights can usually be embedded in cabinets.Linear lamps: linear lamps are usually used with fluorescent bulbs.They are the most popular fluorescent type under cabinet kitchen lighting, as they are thin and can be hidden behind cabinet decoration.Types of bulbs for cabinet lighting: fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, led and xenon lamps.Fluorescent bulb-These are usually used for lighting under cabinets.They create a bright work area by providing clear light.The disadvantage of the fluorescent lamp is that it cannot be darkened and sometimes flashes.Homeowners Seeking bright white light choose halogen lamps.The light from the halogen lamp is warm and bright, providing a lot of light from under the cabinet.These bulbs have a very long life span of up to 2,000 hours.Incandescent lamps-these bulbs are the least popular under cabinet bulb types because their lights are not very bright.Incandescent lamps are not energy-efficient and will heat up.They live half the life of halogen lamps.LED bulbs these bulbs are becoming more and more popular among owners as they become more and more common in lighting and home improvement shops.LED bulbs come in different colors and they provide homeowners with the ability to create unique decorative features.LED bulbs are best suited for ice hockey lighting.Xenon bulbs -These bulbs are the longest-lived of all cabinet bulbs.They can last 10 thousand hours.They are energy efficient because they do not generate heat.Tips for the success of cabinet lighting Pantone 12-3-inch lamp orIce hockey fixtures should be installed every 4 feet.of countertop.Install the lights in front of the cabinet so that they will best highlight the surface.
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