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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-15

There are two ways to power the outdoor Christmas lights that illuminate the outside of your house: use an outdoor lighting socket or power the basement.You can also enhance these capabilities.Provide methods by using lights that do not use electricity.When you run a power supply outside of your home, be sure to pay attention to the power load and make sure your home is not affected by these factors.Remove the light bulb from your external department Corridor light.Make sure you can control this porch light with the switch in the house.In addition, ensure that the socket is under the cover that protects it from the damage of the element.Install the external lighting socket into the lighting equipment.The external lamp socket is screwed into the lamp holder of the external lamp like a bulb.It will create two external sockets for you.Can be purchased in any hardware or home improvement shop.Be sure to buy an outdoor rated one.Insert external-Grade extension cord on lighting equipment socket.Run the end where the lights are displayed.Cover any missing part of the outside of the lighting device with tape to protect it from the elements.In some cases, in order for the socket to be accessible to the extension cord, you may have to remove the glass panel from the covering of the external fixture.Wrap the tape around the extension cord and opening to protect it from the damage of the element.Remove the extension line from the area where traffic is busy to ensure that no one has crossed the extension line and damaged the light fixture.Insert extension cord into the outside-The rated power strip you are using, then plug the light into the power strip.Select a socket in the basement close to the window facing the outdoor Christmas lighting display.If you cannot control the socket with a switch, plug the power strip with the on/off switch into the socket.This will allow you to turn the lights on and off from the house.Open the basement window closest to the designated exit.Insert external-Extend the extension cord to the socket and extend the other end to the outside towards the illuminated display.Gently close the window on the extension cord.Be sure to leave some slack in the wire section of the house.Wrap the foam board insulation at the window opening and around the extension cord.Cover the window opening with tape and hold everything in place.Tape and insulation will help to remove ice and snow from the basement during Christmas.Check the tape and insulation once a week to ensure no replacement is required.Insert external-Plug the power cord into the extension cord and then plug the light into the power cord.
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