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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-15

Pre-Lighting up a Christmas tree may be one of the great inventions of our time.As a result of these artificial wonders, the offspring are free from the fear of tangled filaments of light, spending hours packing individual branches, cutting and scratching the forearm.But when the infamous fickle festive lights hang permanently on a tree, a dead end becomes a real holiday downer.If the whole part on your entire tree or one plug is out, please replace the fuse.Each string of lights has a small fuse box, usually hidden behind the sliding plastic door on the lamp plug.Check if the fuse is damaged and replace any fuses that use the spare fuse that comes with the tree or that explode from a store that sells Christmas lights.Looking for lights that fall off the socket.While many pre-A string of lights used by illuminated trees if the bulb goes out, the missing bulb will still cause a power outage.Replace the empty socket with a replacement bulb that comes with the tree or a replacement bulb package purchased at the local holiday decoration store.Test each bulb to make sure it is comfortable in the socket.Assemble and disassemble the tree every year and add hundreds of decorations and decorations that can easily loosen the bulb, break the circuit and expose the wires.Before testing the tree again, unplug the tree and push each bulb into the socket, be careful not to squeeze or press hard.Double check if there is any part of the wire that may be cut off, damaged or worn out, which is a fire hazard other than a possible source of power failure.If the wire inside the damaged outer layer is not damaged, you can use black tape to seal the area.If the inner wire is damaged, it is better to replace the tree.
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