lights common car dashboard warning lights explained

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-26
The basic vehicle dashboard recommends lighting current vehicles full of progressive flooding.There are sensors to screen the engine temperature, brakes, airbags, oil, batteries, everything is possible since then.Also, keep in mind that there is a movement of a normal picture, we have cleaned it up here, and some are basic for your vehicle as you can check the owner's manual for your vehicle.Keep in mind that when you turn on your vehicle, most notification lights usually light up very quickly with the vehicle cycle system.If a suggested light on the dashboard stays active after the other lights are off, then it will either upset you with a problem or basically a damaged sensor.If the engine is alerted, the engine warning light (or check the engine light, CEL) is connected by a mechanical sign.It's either an unexpected power outage (which means the vehicle has entered lame mode to verify itself), or it's not surprising that it's wobbling, or anything that indicates that the engine won't run.If the notification light is on all the time, then draw a clear mechanical reaction on the side of the road, as long as it is blocked, after a while, someone asks the side of the road to help.Whether you don't have the help of the roadside or not, you can write it over the phone.You tend not to take the risk of driving the car to your neighbor specialist as it can cause further painful damage to the engine.If the handbrake is not fully released, you will see the handbrake warning light (which seems to be an essential picture above) lit up in many cases.The vehicle will get off the bus, but the lights will be on all the time and the vehicle will feel blocked, usually the lights will be connected by tolls.If you release the handbrake and the light is on, then you will ask your vehicle to be caught immediately by the repairman.This may mean that your brake fluid is insufficient or that the sensor is faulty.Anyway, it is worthwhile to solve this problem.Coolant/radiator liquid alert lighting up the temperature measurement of your vehicle is a very small thing that you most likely never see, when everything becomes incredible, when the coolant level of your vehicle is affected by the temperature check, the temperature check usually rises to half and stays there later.In any case, if the check starts to show that the temperature of the engine is rising, or, before you see the temperature measurement, you will see a prompt light on the dashboard, it then infers that your coolant/fluid power is insufficient, or that may mean that your engine is overheating.The vivid look of the temperature check will make you find which one.If the oil warning light flashes on your dashboard, then it can be one of three things.In addition, this cannot avoid excessive oil temperature or low oil level or weight.Although the last two are the most negative, you don't have to worry about the temperature being too high.The oil will start the engine of your vehicle, along these lines, if you see the oil lighting, then stop and contact your close partnerby repairman.Battery charge warning light the battery light of your vehicle should light up for a second or two when the vehicle is up, but if once the vehicle is still, it has not been turned off yet, by then it is most likely that there will be a problem.This issue may be a problem with your car's AC generator, it will keep the battery charged when you drive close, or it may be a terrible relationship, or, when starting the vehicle, it may blur in and out, indicating that the battery is kicking the basin.If the battery warning light for your vehicle is indeed instructive and your vehicle will not start, then you should contact the help on the side of the road or, if you have an advantage, buy a replacement battery, change yourself.Tire weight warning light many today's vehicles have a tire weight monitoring system that will alert you if one of your tires falls off under the set weight.This should be reset every time you fill your vehicle tires with air.If this photo is instructive then you need to check your tiresConstantly transfer tire weight in your vehicle.If you see this photo illuminating your dashboard forever (see below), then it indicates that you have deactivated the balance control structure of your vehicle.Useful driving does not support deactivating balance control when in doubt driving.There will be a place to leave on your dashboard.In addition, this may mean that your wheel game plan is very clear and the device cannot be adjusted and mixedup.If you see this occasionally while driving fast (or heavily), it just infers that balance control or sound control is working.If you check to see if it lights up around the corner of the normal shot, this may mean that the tire pressure is low...As the vehicle slides more on low-weight tyres and authorizes sound control.Non-You can't miss this curing stop gadget warning light.If you see the ABS light flashing on the dashboard, it means there is a problem with the ABS structure in your vehicle.You should have the ability to drive a car without ABS (although it doesn't matter for all cars) you should be wary of unnecessarily stepping on the brakes because no ABS will undoubtedly accelerate.Drive your car to your neighbor right away.Seat belt warning lights up the day.If you see a sudden explosion of the suggested seat belt, then it indicates that someone in the car is not wearing a seat belt.Most car seats have a weight sensor built in to tell when someone is sitting in the seat, but no seat belt is used, and there are similar sensors in the seat belt beneficiary to tell when it is fixed.Gateway/trunk warning light if you see every reserve of the vehicle that opens the passage or trunk, by then it will infer that the trunk of the door or vehicle is a bit open.You should remove to the side of the road and close the entrance again.Over and over again, the gateway may want to close and even feel like it's caught, anyway, the light will illuminate in the same way if the portal is closed carefully.The current vehicle reveals to you which Portal is openThe problem solved step by step basically reveals to you that one of the paragraphs is not really closed.Low-This is obviously obvious.Just in case you see lowThe fuel alert light is sent out on the dashboard at which point it indicates that you are running low on fuel and at 80-120 km of fuel left.A variety of cars will show a separation device in a similar way to clean up the readings on the dashboard.Modification of the lock or engine start warning light looks like 1 feet of the corruption problem consultation-Degree point, this notification light is worth noting that you need to put your foot on the brake or move the mechanical component converter (custom) from the P of the stop to the D of the drive, or you need to step on the brakes to start the vehicle.The airbag issued an alarm, it looks like someone changed a ball on the belly, this lit notification light indicates that there is a problem with one of your airbags, however, like most warning lights, its education at the start is average.Drive your car near you.Registration by experts.In addition to the difficulty of accidentally starting the fog light, fog light stimulation can also start the front and rear fog lights (if your vehicle has fog lights) in case there is no fog, by then, driving deals with them is illegal.Windshield cleaning fluid gives an alert, and if you see what happens after you see a windshield with spring stripes on the dashboard, then it infers that your vehicle cleaning fluid is falling.This blue warning light (which appears to be the main picture above) will light up when your high pole headlights are ordered.If the traffic is heavy, you need to dive to reduce the confusion of the driver and cause an accident.Several vehicles with modified high poles will have a photo of a fog light with a picture in the middle showing they are working...Don't make it a little cheeky when you're driving, and don't reduce the lights...But in the impressive number of vehicles I have tried, they give the impression that they are more responsive than I am.These are just a group of the most widely perceived warning lights.
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