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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-30
The light is the eyes of the furniture.In modern home decoration, the role of light is not limited to light, but also for decoration, so it is very complicated to choose the right light.Good lights, may become the soul of the whole house decoration, adding more light to your bedroom or living room.Pay attention to a lot of things when buying, such as materials, decoration effect, style and so on.
Here are a few tips for choosing a ceiling light.In the choice of ceiling lamps, many customers are very unwise to choose.For example, lamps used in kitchens and bathrooms should be made of iron and aluminum that can resist moisture corrosion, and crystals are not only easy to be disturbed by moisture, but also difficult to clean.
On the other hand, the materials of glass and acrylic are very cheap and easy to clean.When choosing the ceiling lamp used in the bedroom and living room, there is no requirement for the material, and you can choose according to your own needs.The biggest reason to install the ceiling light is that it saves a lot of space, especially for a house that is a bit low.
In the eyes of many people, only the chandelier can have the effect of decoration, in fact, it is not right.With the appearance of more and more lamps, ceiling lamps are becoming more and more special;Therefore, many families are more like ceiling lamps than others.Another feature of the ceiling lamp is the radiation to the global.
It is the main light of the whole House and the most important light, so the requirements are very high.To choose the ceiling lamp with good lighting effect, choose the power according to the decoration effect.Accidents of ceiling lamp and chandelier falling are very common, so the safety of ceiling lamp is very important.
You can have a simple understanding of whether the branch is strong enough.After Pur is finished, be careful during installation
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