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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-22

You can make lamp oil with almost all the oil in the kitchen pantry.Accompany your homemade oil and make a lamp;Efficient, convenient and safe lamps and lanterns.Light up the room without electricity.Do not put the oil into the kerosene lamp..Since the fire was discovered, oil has burned in every culture.The oil lamp goes further so that people can control it.All kinds of lights-from terra-Tin cans--and oils --From whale oil to Canadian oil-Has been used for a long time.The basic process involves filling the container, inserting it into the wick and lighting it up.The Wick uses capillary action to absorb the oil and burns at a very slow rate: about 1/2 ounces per hour.Store-The lamp oil purchased is usually a mixture of kerosene and paraffin, but it is actually cheaper and safer to use vegetable oil directly from the kitchen;Olive oil is the most widely used.An olive oil used only for burning.Other oils you can use include seed oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and any other vegetable oil you may have in your kitchen.You can also use the feces of animal fat, such as leftovers for cooking bacon, or even the already rotten oil.Of all the oils, the reason why olive oil is most used in homemade lamps and lanterns is that it has little fragrance.Be careful when using the essential oils you carefully read the instructions.Children are not exposed to essential oils.Burning homemade oil is safer than burning kerosene or even candles.
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