lamp and light the most heat? |

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-09

There are four different types of bulbs: Incandescent Lamp, halogen lamp, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and LEDs (LED ).Regardless of the color of the bulb, each lamp generates heat to varying degrees with the light.Halogen lamps and incandescent lamps glow by heating the wire inside the bulb by electric current.Only 10% of the energy is used to create light, and another 90% of the energy is heated.This is true whether the bulb is transparent or colored glass.The compact fluorescent bulb contains a gas that produces light when powered on.30% of the energy used to produce light releases heat.Again, it is true whether the glass is transparent or colored.Light emitting diodes produce light when electrons pass through semiconductor materials.LEDs produce very little heat and are cool to touch.The Led has multiple colors that produce the same heat regardless of color.The white light that humans perceive is actually a mixture of red, green, and blue light.Humans think red or yellow is a warm light, and blue is a cold light.With the exception of LEDs, bulbs of all colors are basically white bulbs, and the glass is painted to block all colors except the desired color.Regardless of the color of the bulb, the heat generated is the same as the heat that produces light.Any color incandescent lamp, because it is the lowest efficiency, will emit the maximum heat.
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