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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-25

Installing a voltage tester for kitchen lights can be a daunting task.You may think an electrician is required to install the electric light.With these simple instructions, however, you can learn how to do it yourself.Expensive installation fee is not required-Do it yourself for free.First, make sure that the space you want to install the lights is wired.If your ceiling is in advanceWired and easy to install.However, don't try to wire it yourself.Since electrical work can be dangerous, please leave the line to the professional.
Your safety is the most important when installing kitchen lights.Or any electrical product.To ensure your safety, make sure to turn off the power supply in the home main loop box.Place the tape on the switch to make sure no one turns on the power when installing the light.It is recommended that you use the circuit tester to ensure that the power supply is indeed turned off and to further ensure your safety.
Remove the trim box first.Next, cut the wires.Cut the black line first, cut the blue line second, and then continue to cut the rest.After cutting the wire, unscrew the cover and the universal crossbar.
Read the Instructions for the manufacturer to install the fixture.Pay close attention to these directions.A useful tip is not to put all the bulbs in the fixture until you are fully finished.This will help you avoid damaging any bulb during installation.The lights in each kitchen should have a new beam.Put this on the ceiling.Connect the wire using an insulated wire nut.Tighten the base, tighten the bulb and install the new Globe.
To create the best look, you may want to paint where the light is placed.Use masking tape at corners and edges, and then re-draw the surface.
Flip the switch to make sure it works!Enjoy your new light fixtures.
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