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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-19

The task of hanging heavy cabinets and light cabinets is not much different.When you fix a heavy cabinet on the wall, the only complexity comes up when you consider how to fix it in the right place.You can save your back by temporarily putting a simple stand on the wall and putting the cabinet on it, as well as the back of your friends you plan to ask for help.When the Cabinet is hung, you can simply remove the stand and patch several holes.Make a mark on the wall at the bottom of the cabinet.Take the door of the cabinet open.Find wall posts using a single search.Alternatively, you can knock on the wall until you hear the sound of wood.Set the two-by-There are four on the mark, use the level to make sure it is horizontal, use 3-inch screws.If these were sunk 1-1They are only 1/4 from the studs and are very strong and can support any cabinet.Make sure two-by-Fourth, level will save you the steps to level the cabinet while keeping it in place.Lift the cabinet to the right position and install it in two-by-four.Let a friend hold it when you drill 1/4-Enter the inch pilot hole of the wall pillar through the structural frame inside the cabinet.Drill holes for as many lag screws as possible to securely secure the cabinet.Use a socket wrench to screw the lag screws into the holes to make sure they sink well into the bolts.They should be in 1-1/4, but don't go deeper because you don't want to screw in any wires that might be there.Remove the two-by-four.Repair the screw holes with a small spackle or drywall joint compound.Polish it with paint if needed.
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