flush mount ceiling light fixtures how to access a light bulb in a portfolio flush mount light

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-11

The series of lamps and lanterns produced by Cooper industry company.Flash flash mount lights are usually present in commercial buildings and are also a good choice for some residential applications.Like any other lamp, the bulb needs to be replaced from time to time.Access to the bulb in the combined flush mounting lamp is similar to access the fan at the bathroom exhaust port.The access bulb needs to remove the cover from the fixture.Turn off the circuit breaker of the Cooper product portfolio flush installation light.This helps to prevent accidental impact when replacing the lights.Set up a ladder or ladder stool under the combined flush mounting light.Without overstretching, it is necessary to reach the light comfortably.Grab the side of the portfolio with your fingers.Pull it down a little until it stops.Two spring clips should be visible between trim and lighting.Press two pieces of each spring clip together with your finger.Pull the spring clip down and remove the decoration from the ceiling.You can change the light bulb now.
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