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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-27
The most widely used lighting equipment today is incandescent lamps and fluorescent lighting equipment.The technical difference between the two lamps is their light production technology.Incandescent lamps emit light by passing the current to the metal filament to heat the metal filament, while the fluorescent lamp stimulates the mercury particles by passing the current, resulting in the phosphorus coating glow in the short-wave ultraviolet lamp.
In addition to the technical differences, some factors are listed here to form a detailed comparison between the two-More efficient than incandescent lamps.The latter consumes about five times as much power as the former.Most of the electricity used in incandescent lamps is wasted by converting it into heat, which is where the fluorescent lamps stand out.
They consume less electricity, generate more electricity, and save electricity and money.-In terms of durability, fluorescent lamps stand out for their relatively long service life.Although many technical changes have been made to increase the life of incandescent lamps, it cannot compete with the durability of fluorescent lamps.
In the long run, the cost of incandescent lamps is high;However, its initial purchase cost is cheaper than the other one.Initially, the cost of fluorescent lamps was higher due to the need for additional materials during installation.The starter, ballast and fixtures hold everything together, increasing the initial cost of installation.
-One point is brightness.
They are much brighter than incandescent lamps.However, some users still prefer the natural and warm feeling of incandescent lamps.So, it all depends on the user's preferences.
-Fluorescent lamp is an environment-A more friendly option than an incandescent lamp, as it consumes less energy to produce the same light as an incandescent lamp.-Give you the look you want with the perfect decoration.The fluorescent cover of the designer is cost-effective and can be replaced by the user at any time.
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