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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-22
Menai interior design is a well-known interior design and architecture firm in Kerala.Monnaie offers Ernakulam's best interior decorators who can help you decorate your dream home and make it a reality.Techniques for creating rural style in Kerala home interior design rural home design has become a new trend in Kerala interior design.At moniay architects and interior design, we have received a number of clients asking for the same service.For those of you who don't know what country style is, let's tell you something.Country style emphasizes nature-Both hand-made and hand-made are inspired.Country furniture consists mainly of wood and stone.We can also use clay, cotton, wool, etc.To highlight the appearance.However, the rustic style still seems confusing for many customers in Kerala, so many people don't know how to incorporate this style into their families.As interior designers in Garmin, they perform a rustic design and today we will give you some tips on creating or adding rustic style to your home.Here we go!1) one of the easiest ways to keep neutral walls is to paint your walls.Matching neutral colors like face cream, light blue, soft gray is the best way to give your wall a rustic style.At the same time, no one wants their furniture to stay outside --dated.So you can use colorful pop-up furniture in those neutral paint rooms to bring more life.2) using worn wood floors and furniture, the rustic style focuses on the original and exquisite life.One of the ideal ways to incorporate this concept into it is to use vintage wood indoors.Wood floors help make the outdoors look like your home, and if they are also painful, you can see the countryside without much effort.You can easily buy them online these days.3) the purchase of antique lighting equipment can greatly change the overall appearance and energy of your home.Instead of using a normal chandelier and bulb, switch to a chandelier with a real candle.The farmhouse lights and chandeliers are also a good choice.Again, make sure you're using indirect lighting instead of direct lighting used in most modern style homes.As interior designer in Cochin, we do amazing lighting work on all projects and we know they can make a huge difference to your home.4) choose a paneled wall paneling your wall can bring rustic style to your home right away and the same use of wood will make it better.If you want it to look less dark, you can use bright murals and hanging mirrors.This helps move attention away from the darker background.Done a lot of interior design Thrissur, Kozko Chin, Trivan, godeam and the whole Kerala, we can recommend a large number of custom patterns according to your preference.5) choosing the right accessories to add the necessary accessories is one of the best ways to make your home look like a rustic style.By incorporating ceramic and glass cans of different sizes, handmade quilts, vintage cans, and more, you can also bring the ideal rustic home interior design in Kerala-style homes.We used this trick in an interior design project in Garmin, which is the best.
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