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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-04
Swag lamps are most commonly used in areas where a chandelier is required and are not able to enter the attic in order to route the chandelier to the ceiling.Swag lights are designed to hang on a chain hanging on the ceiling and plug into a socket on the wall.Any chandelier can be converted to swag lights with a slight adjustment.
Disconnect the chain from the chandelier.Use pliers to open the link that holds the chain to the top chain of the lamp.Remove the link to the release chain.Slide the chain off the lamp line.
Unscrew the socket cover from the inside of the lamp.Grab the internal socket in your hand, turn counter-clockwise, pull from the socket base to reveal the socket wiring.Loosen the copper and silver screws on the socket using Phillips or flat head screwsScrewdriver and remove the light line from below.
Install a new chain on the lamp at least 6 feet or more in length.Connect the chain by opening the end link and closing the link around the top chain ring of the chandelier.Wrap the chain length with a soft cloth to prevent damage to the finish on the chain.
Twist the new light line into the lamp holder through the chain.Before using the lamp lineMade with plugs and plug-ins to the length you wantThe line switch has been installed.Like the cost.Effective, you can save time without having to add these two parts yourself.
Connect the new swag light line to the socket.One side of the rope is manipulated;Wrap the rope around the silver screw.The rest of the smooth wires are wrapped around the copper screws.Tighten two screws with Phillips or flat headScrewdriver and replace the socket cover by screwing it to the socket base.
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