capiz shell chandelier How to Make a Capiz Shell Lamp Shade

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
capiz shell chandelier How to Make a Capiz Shell Lamp Shade
The combination of Capiz shell, for things like chandeliers, lampshades or wind chimes, adds a natural, somewhat ethereal feel in the area where they are displayed.As a lampshade, these translucent shells seem to illuminate from the inside when the lights are on.Instead of buying pre-orderMake shadows from decorative shops, do it yourself with fishing lines, plenty of pre-Drilled capiz housing and lampshade frame.The frame structure is an old lampshade that removes the covering material and leaves only metal.Use a wire cutter to cut off the top ring of the lampshade frame.This ring, which includes a horizontal bar support structure mounted on the lamp harp, is everything you need for the capiz frame base.List a vertical capiz shell line with end contact until the post is in contact with the lampshade as long as you want it.Arrange at least 10 shells next to the first one.Determine the orientation of the housing so that the holes are located at the top and bottom of each housing.Add one or two extra shells every other column if needed to get more decorative effects.Tie a fishing line a few inches long to the top of the First capiz shell.Tie the bottom holes of the first shell to the top of the second capiz shell in the column, snuggle them tightly together, or if you like the look, leave a small gap between them.Continue to tie the bottom of each continuous shell to the top of the next shell with a small fishing line until you make a line that keeps the spacing between one shell and the next.Repeat for each remaining set of capiz shells and get them close to each other so you can remember which one is next when connecting them to the frame, if using lines of different lengthsTrim the excess fishing line from each knot using scissors or nail clippers, except for the top knot on each line.The line at the top of each line connects the line to the frame.Place the lampshade frame ring on the harp of the lamp and fix it with finial.This lamp is used as a clamp for the shade rack, and it is easier to tie it to the shell.Use a few inches of fishing line extended from the top housing to tie the first line to the lampshade frame disc.Repeat the process with the second line, overlap a few lines a little, and once done, create a game in the light.Continue the process until the entire lampshade is covered, make more shells if necessary to make the lampshade look as full as you want.
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