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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-23
Although the traditional robes are longJust like the clothes worn by Muslim women, a new trend from designer abayas has just expanded the client of this typical dress.Abaya is usually black and covers the whole body with only the face, feet and hands left.It is usually combined with a veil or veil and sometimes comes with long black gloves.Designer Abayas: The difference is that the dress guide prescribed by Islamic law requires modesty, and all abayas cover women in a modest way for the purpose.However, contemporary designer abayas is far from the dull, typical traditional style abayas.
Fabric: Although cotton and wool have always been the most popular fabric in abayas tradition, modern-Day abayas is made of light and smooth materials such as chiffon, choise and crepes.The profile also changes as the details of layering, twisting, and knotting are added to plain lines of traditional abaya.Color: The traditional color of abayas is black.However, there is a series of monasteries that do not follow this tradition.Beige, brown, gray, pink, sky blue, green, white, maroon, purple or even two colorsThe color combination of shades is rapidly changing the color perception of abayas.Decoration: embroidery has almost become the standard of modern abayas.Done in a single or multipleColored lines or golden lines, embroidery adds detail, refinement and grade to the ordinary abayas so far.Top designers even offer Swarovski crystal and lace trim.In fact, Swarovski has actually held competitions and seminars in countries such as Abu Dhabi to increase the use of the Swarovski Element in the design of abayas.Designer Abayas: the big name of fashion designer abayas has also attracted some international fashion brands.Fashion designers are sitting there, noticing the large major urban markets for oriental clothing and providing traditional clothing in those markets.Famous designers such as Dior's John Galliano have launched their designer abayas series, and local designers have also begun to realize the design potential of abayas.The best place to buy abayas is from well-known online stores such as to those who look for a combination of diversity, quality and style at unbeatable prices, www.eastessence.Com has more than 10 years of experience in oriental clothing and traditional clothing.Res.LinksI is an author with the latest fashion expertise in Muslim abaya.Learn more about Muslim costumes at
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