bar pendant light How to Utilize Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
bar pendant light How to Utilize Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen
Lift your kitchen to a new level of decoration by incorporating a stylish chandelier.These stylish fixtures not only provide overall ambient lighting or targeted task lighting, but also create a trendy focus to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.Because the chandeliers have a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes, they can introduce BOLD functional design statements in almost any kitchen.Since the chandelier can provide overall ambient light to illuminate the entire kitchen space, or simply provide targeted lighting to accomplish specific tasks, determine where you need these lamps most.A common location for installing chandeliers is above the breakfast bar or table, and above the kitchen island or sink.You can also hang chandeliers in the center of the kitchen to provide general lighting.Create a goodDesign space to combine the chandelier with additional lighting sources such as embedded ceiling lights and eye lights.Pendant lamps provide adequate lighting and designers-When their size and size are related to the size and size of your kitchen and its furniture, you will find that its style is very smart.For example, in a kitchen with limited space, select a single chandelier with a small globe to illuminate a short countertop.Install three identical pendants on a long breakfast bar stage, creating a sense of design rhythm and balance while providing mission lighting for catering.To leave enough space for people sitting at the breakfast bar, the diameter of a row of chandeliers should be at least 10 inch smaller than the width of the counter.The various pendant shapes, materials and colors make it easy to choose a complementary lighting style for your existing kitchen decor.For example, wear a rustic dressStylish kitchen with school buildings-Stylish chandelier featuring oilForged friction bronzeIron or antique tin hardware.Or, look for smooth Chrome or shiny stainless steelSteel pendants enhance modern appeal in a modern kitchen.Wake up ho-The Hum kitchen is decorated with a quirky pendant with a colorful glass shade on it that gives a compromise feel.Pendant with BellThe shaped fabric lampshade enhances the traditional style, while the drum lampshade covering the natural fabric produces an ecologyfriendly vibe.No matter what size, shape or style of chandelier you choose, they must be hung properly for the best lighting and aesthetic appeal.The bottom edge of the pendant fixture for task lighting should hang about 30 inch above the table or counter, while the lower edge of the ambient chandelier should hang between 60 and 66 inch from the kitchen floor.If your ceiling is above 8 feet, reduce each chandelier by adding a ceiling height of 3 inch to the standard height range of 60 to 66 inch.
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