According to the current situation of the lighting industry, we encourage everyone to 'catch the winter resources sharing'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-15


On December 16th, the 2nd General Meeting of Chongqing Industry Association was held in Chongqing Junhao Hotel. The meeting was attended by the president of EME LIGHTING CO., LTD., Vice President EME, Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Committee Leader and Chongqing Industry Association 100 The rest of the people.

At the conference, Wei Jianchuan, president of Chongqing Industry Association, made a work report, including the review of the work of the Chongqing  Industry Association over the past five years, the main problems of the association and the focus of the association's work in 2019. Subsequently, the General Assembly held a second election of the council's executive director, secretary-general, vice-president, executive president, and vice-president, and announced the results on the spot. At the end of the meeting, Wang Shunbo, executive vice president of Chongqing Industry Association, said that according to the current situation of the lighting industry, we advocate that we should take the group to spend the winter and share resources as our business ideas. At the same time, we should broaden our horizons and vigorously develop the secondary market and strive to win the development of the industry. The second space.
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