A customer's true self-report, maybe you will have a new interpretation of the all-copper lamp!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
The house is a building that is cold, the home is a sense of belonging, it is a material, rice, oil, salt, three meals a day, it is a warm bed, it is the sound of the washing machine, it is a light. From the beginning of March to middle April, for 45 days one after another, my home finally showed what he should have. As early as 2017, I began to build his appearance. I really want to omit tens of thousands of words here. Although the area of a small nest is not large, I really spent a lot of thoughts before and after the decoration, especially in the choice of lamps and lanterns, I hesitated for a long time. Because the home is a Nordic decoration style, the first thing is to choose a Nordic wood material. I feel that it will match our overall style. I chose a few models, but I think it looks good, however, I always feel that there are some shortcomings. I want to use all-copper lamps later, but I am worried that all-copper lamps will be more European and will not match my style. I think about it and finally choose all-copper lamps, I didn't expect the effect to be unexpected. I didn't feel unmatched at all. I also showed a special grade. On the contrary, I still felt better. Many people may misunderstand that all-copper lamps are not suitable for modern Nordic styles. In fact, there are more and more styles now. All-copper lamps also have many luxurious and modern styles, it is more suitable for the decoration needs of many young people.
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