You will also want such a duplex villa staircase all copper chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-12
The duplex villa building gives people a feeling of magnificence and atmosphere. The chandelier in the living room is one of the main characters, and there is also a main character that cannot be ignored, that is, our staircase lamp. Next, I recommend 2 full copper chandeliers for compound Villa stairs. I have always felt that the duplex villa building with full copper lamps is a good choice, and I feel that the atmosphere is quite retro. If the living room chandelier of the Villa atmosphere is the facade of the representative, then the stair light represents the second facade, and the place where people can see it upstairs and downstairs is definitely very important. The height of the storey is not very high, you can recommend this SZ50709- 06, single-layer White frosted lampshade all-copper chandelier, simple in shape, generous, not too fancy, thickened copper ring and all-copper lamp wall give a full sense of stability, the larger stairwell can be hung 2, one, the lighting is sufficient, and the second is more coordinated. For a duplex villa with a relatively high floor height, it is perfect to choose a multi-layer all-copper chandelier as a stair light. The multi-layer chandelier can show the feeling of gorgeous atmosphere. It is recommended to recommend a SZ50701- 16 three-layer all-copper chandelier, this lamp uses white and pure white trumpet flower-shaped frosted glass lampshade, which gives people a beautiful and fresh feeling. The all-copper lamp Wall and the main copper ring give off a retro and elegant atmosphere, it is not wrong to choose it as your stair light. If you don't believe it, you can take a look at the real effect picture.
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