you’re nuts if you pass up these $13 led smart bulbs that are just like $50 philips hues

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
The $50 bulb for Philips Hue is probably the most popular smart LED bulb, but if you buy any one now you\'re going crazy --
Even if you already have the Philips Hue settings.
Amazon is selling smart bulbs for MagicLight WiFi.
They retail for $21, but currently only $12.
99, which means you can get almost four of them
Buy color Smart LED bulbs for a single Philips tone bulb . . . . . . You don\'t even need hubs to use these bulbs!
Here\'s more information on the product page: Related story: Light up your life with Sylvania LED bulbs for $1 per piece. Fire-fighting TV Stick and fire-fighting TV stick 4 k all discounted but not the best pillow to sleep too long✔Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant: Control your MagicLight WiFi bulb using Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and Google Home Assistant voice✔Working with IFTTT: DIY WiFi bulbs based on various events by connecting WiFi bulbs to IFTTT✔Work with iOS/Android: Personalize your WiFI smart light to fit your mood and remotely control your smart WiFi light bulb when you are not at home✔Various scene modes: color palette, group control, sunlight, music mode, timer, Sunrise, Sunset, dimmable, microphone function, DIY mode, scene mode, energy saving . . . . . . ✔App: this is a light bulb that supports WiFi and does not require a hub.
Multiple lighting modes for display, residential, office, hotel, store, exhibition room, landscaping, interior, home, etc.
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