Why do Guzhen Lighting manufacturers frequently close down?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
Zhongshan Ancient Town, the international lamp city, the lighting industry can be said to be a major economic industry in the ancient town. Lighting manufacturers are densely distributed in ancient towns, large and small, but in recent years there has been a gradual depression in the industry. Walking on the streets of the ancient town, you will find that many shops in the store have written the transfer; The word. Why? Because the business can't go on, in fact, in the ancient town, almost every store is raised behind; A factory. When there is business in the store, the factory will receive orders and the factory will survive; . Those stores that could not be opened had to be closed because they had no business and could not afford the expensive rent every month. In fact, the factories behind them must also be dismal. So what causes the business to fail? Why are some lighting manufacturers still standing for decades? Today, let's talk about why Guzhen Lighting manufacturers frequently close down? First, Black Heart workshops are spread all over the world, and many larger factories do not require quality. When receiving large orders, due to various reasons for the construction period, some products such as accessories will be directly outsourced to some small workshops. When others introduce them, they say that they are relatives of their own family. The quality is definitely no problem, you can rest assured, as a result, the things produced are not satisfactory. If you sell the products to consumers, how can consumers buy them? How can small workshops produce high-quality products without advanced machines, standard production processes and systematic management? Therefore, even if there are accessories that need to be outsourced to others, they must be regular manufacturers. Second, the products are unsalable, and the phenomenon of hoarding is serious. Many lighting manufacturers will have such an idea: first, the workshop will be desperately produced, so that if there is an order, there is no need to catch up with the construction period, just ship it directly. It is because of this that the goods in the warehouse have not been sold out from last year to this year, and the piles in the warehouse are all money! The product has been placed for a long time, and it has gradually changed from new goods to old goods. Even if it is sold at a low price, it is difficult to sell it. The factory should produce reasonably and produce as many small quantities as possible, which is convenient for customers to choose. In this way, the goods are not serious. Moreover, the market is changing rapidly, and the speed of style update is unimaginable. The unchanging style will definitely be eliminated. At present, many engineering orders need to be customized, and it is useless to produce more conventional products. Third, the management is not square, the staff is scattered, and now many lighting manufacturers have frequent replacement of factory workers, unstable, and distracted. Even some factories only know the production of goods, but they do not care about the management of factory employees. There is no standardized management system. It is not uncommon for employees to be late, leave early, and work. In this way, the people's hearts are not uniform, and how can employees concentrate on working for you? In this way, the entire factory has no cohesiveness and the factory is naturally difficult to operate. Therefore, factory management is very important, which is directly linked to the quality of factory operations. Lighting manufacturers must have the following points if they want to operate well: Standardization of product quality, rationalization of product production and systematization of management system.
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