What styles can be recommended for all copper lamps in children's rooms?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
The decoration of the new house, the main light of the living room, the restaurant light, and the light of the master bedroom are all selected. They are all copper lamps. When they arrive at the children's room, they are stunned, what style of all-copper lamp is better to choose, whether to choose all-copper chandelier or all-copper ceiling lamp? So tangled! Don't worry, snooker will recommend you to the children's room full copper lamp. If your home is a duplex villa with a high floor height, you can directly choose all-copper chandeliers. The boy's room can choose a simple style without too many decorations, the girl's room can choose a fancy style, choose a copper crystal chandelier, with some decorations, or choose some Huadu-shaped chandeliers, more distinctive. Boys Room recommended girls room recommended, if it is an ordinary suite, the floor height is not very high, boys room can choose some all-copper ceiling lamps without too many decorative patterns, such as all-copper glass solder ceiling lamps or general all-copper glass ceiling lamps. Girls can choose some all-copper ceiling lamps with patterns or decorations in their rooms, and all-copper semi-chandeliers can also be selected according to the corresponding floor height. Boys Room recommended girls room recommended snooker is a research and development production of copper lamp 18 years of lighting manufacturers, a variety of styles, want to know more children's room full copper lamp style Please consult snooker national free hotline: 400-800-7609.
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