What problems should be paid attention to when installing kitchen full copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
The kitchen is a place to cook delicious food for family members. Attention should also be paid to the installation and use of kitchen lamps. The small editor will show you what problems should be paid attention to when installing all copper lamps in the kitchen. First, keep a safe distance from the stove. As we all know, the stove will generate a large amount of heat when working, and these rising heat will pose a threat to the use safety of lamps and lanterns, when installing the kitchen full copper lamp, it is better to be as far away as possible from the stove, which can not only avoid the influence of excessive heat on lamps, but also effectively avoid the excessive deposition of lampblack. Second, there is water vapor in the kitchen away from water vapor, so the intrusion of water vapor into lamps should also be avoided when installing all-copper lamps: for example, all-copper lamps should not be installed above the location of steamer and the location where water is often boiled. Third, close to the area where vegetables are washed and cut, many range hoods now have lighting functions, so some auxiliary lighting lamps are needed to supplement the lighting in the kitchen. For example, some small copper chandeliers or small ceiling lamps need to be installed in areas such as vegetable washing and cutting areas. This is conducive to protecting the safety of vegetable cutters. Four, the type of lamp head kitchen belongs to the high temperature, high humidity, high Smoke area, so all copper lamp head is best to use bayonet type, because the screw head is rusting (Or contaminated by soot and dust) It is very inconvenient to unscrew and replace, and the bayonet lamp holder is much more convenient in this respect.
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