What problems should be paid attention to when installing balcony all-copper outdoor wall lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
Many people will think that the main lamp in the living room is the focus, thus often ignoring the lamps in other areas of the home, such as the all-copper outdoor wall lamp on the balcony of the home, in fact, in the process of installing the balcony full copper outdoor wall lamp, it is also necessary to combine the actual space environment, so what problems do we need to pay attention to when installing the balcony full copper outdoor wall lamp? The balcony can be changed into different spaces according to our own needs. It can be a quiet place to read, a tea room or a flower and grass room, therefore, the main point of choosing all-copper outdoor wall lamps for balconies is to be versatile, so that when you change the balconies into different spaces, you will not be able to rearrange the lines. Balcony all copper outdoor wall lamp is a common kind, wall lamp installation height should be slightly more than the level line 1. About 8 meters high. The illumination of the wall lamp should not be too large, which is more artistic. The wires connecting the wall lamps should be light-colored to facilitate the coating with the same color as the wall to keep the wall clean. In addition, you can dig a small slot on the wall that is just embedded in the wire, embed the wire, and then fill it with lime. Since most of the balconies are open balconies, the wind and the sun, the lamps are often broken, so moisture-proof, anti-mosquito is very important, so we can choose some completely closed all-copper outdoor wall lamps. The following small series recommend several balcony all copper outdoor wall lamps. All copper outdoor wall lamp SB03210- 01C all copper outdoor wall lamp SB03209-01 all copper outdoor wall lamp SB03218-03
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