What kind of space is non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns of choose what specification

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Actually whether hotel project lamp or other, reputation is important, have the good word of mouth will retain customers, gradually formed their own customer base, it will be a successful work. Every dealer in the market to do hotel engineering lamps and lanterns project well! Everything is hard in the beginning, so dealers do engineering. Do project lamp, I believe, is to be a process, it is important that connections, the marketing manager, product characteristics, the company integrity, after-sales service, return and so on, actually dealers every single project is very important, I don't know you don't understand the information transmission of text messaging on mobile phones, some dealers do engineering is like, from a small single can do hundreds of projects, or even thousand project list, it is possible. Non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is undoubtedly the lamp ACTS the role of the market for several years, the preferred products. Since the economic crisis, the average household consumption began to suppress, but the national leading investment and large engineering investment is still in full swing, and high-end consumer groups affected by environment factors. Overall, the hotel lighting non-standard custom class lighting belongs to hot transformation direction. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns for more individual part before non-standard lighting manufacturers are doing, the owner also choose some big lighting factory cooperation, with the mature in recent years the non-standard lighting industry, basic in non-standard hotel lighting lamps and lanterns industry is a relatively popular categories, independence and a lot of professional factory. A restaurant is all sorts of investment level of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns are adopted in mass customization, especially indoor stylist people over the years, personalized market demand constantly chasing high in China. Designers are creative lamps and lanterns of various novel for lighting manufacturers, is also a process of learning to improve. In fact, now many creative lamps are not original products, have a plenty of original design to Europe and the United States, or of domestic a gleam of the designer's original manuscript. And lighting factory is equipped with professional drawing manuscript deepen team, the designer's thinking on the specific project can form the real product ideas, designers and owners won more personality has the selling point of the lamps and lanterns, manufacturers also got their unique value of the product. So the hotel choice and its important engineering lamps and lanterns manufacturer. First, before the choose and buy, we must pay attention to the size, what kind of space is to choose what size of club lamps and lanterns. In general, in 20 or 30 square meters of space the crystalline light of appropriate choice in about one meter in diameter, the size can ensure the space within the light bright enough. In addition, can also according to the club room set type to choose and buy. Main romantic style of the room, for example, can choose those glamorous, warm color series of crystalline light. Second, to buy crystal lamp must carefully choose brand, it has the choice to good brands, to as a hotel engineering lamps and lanterns. On the market of this kind of lamps and lanterns is in commonly one thousand yuan of above, never to penny cheap to buy those hundreds of pieces, the quality is often didn't guarantee. If you want to look for the products, then when the choose and buy, should pay special attention to the lamp bead. Before buying also to pay attention to the problem of the color of lamps and lanterns. In the market for this kind of lamps and lanterns of class and a lot of different grade of service life is different also, of course. Generally use the lamps and lanterns of electric plating, surface colour and lustre is very good, the service life of this type is also very long, very suitable for the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns USES.
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