What is the reason for the dimming of the living room ceiling light?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
Q: I used the ceiling lamp in the living room for a while, and suddenly found that the light was dimmed. What is the reason? A: There are two reasons: 1. The driving power supply becomes worse and the output current becomes lower, which causes the current distributed to the LED ceiling lamp to decrease and darken and needs to be replaced; The driving output current exceeds the maximum current that the LED ceiling lamp can withstand. After a long time, the light decays seriously, resulting in darkening. 2. Led bulbs have been used for too long. Generally speaking, led lamps have normal light attenuation and will become dark after being used for a long time. Generally, 5% within one year is normal and 15% within three years, therefore, LED lamps may still be available after 10 years, but the luminous flux will be reduced a lot, resulting in darkening of the light.
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