What is engineering light for you?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
If you are not working in the lighting industry, you may not know much about engineering lights and what engineering lights are. Today snooker will fully analyze what engineering lights are for you. First, the concept, the general engineering lamp refers to according to the actual needs of the project, custom suitable for specific lighting, some also called non-standard lamps, custom lamps, etc. It mainly includes the following categories: Hotel engineering lamps, non-standard lamps, club lamps, KTV lamps, Villa lamps, model room lamps, lobby lamps, outdoor lamps and other customized lamps. Second, the characteristics of engineering lamps have the characteristics of customization, long production cycle, high production technology, strong professionalism, weak circulation, high installation difficulty, etc. Third, the relevant personnel involved, designers, decoration companies, developers/owners, fourth, material classification, engineering lights can be classified according to material classification: marble lamp, imitation marble lamp, crystal lamp, fabric lamp, sheepskin lamp, Wood lamp, glass lamp, resin lamp, wrought iron lamp, copper lamp. Five, according to the function classification engineering lights according to the function is divided into: Chandelier, ceiling lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, etc. Six, according to the design style classification: European lights, Chinese lights, American lights, modern lights. Like conventional lamps, engineering lamps are divided into European lamps, Chinese lamps, American lamps and modern lamps according to their design styles. Eight, according to the scope of use classification: Engineering lights according to the scope of use can be divided into: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting, traffic lighting, other lighting.
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