What brand is good for lighting? O2O takes you to make money, takes you to fly!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Some dealers always ask 2 questions: what brand is good for lighting? If I join the agent, can I really make money? For dealers, whether they can make money or not, there is no doubt that the decisive factor is which brand you choose. To make money, it is absolutely right to choose snooker and Mercure. Snooker and Mercure O2O lighting will take you to make money and fly with you! Nowadays, with the development of Internet information technology and the prevalence of online shopping, many physical stores have become fitting rooms for consumers; . A few days ago, I met a boss who opened a lighting store and told us that a customer came to buy a lamp and kept looking at it but did not buy it. As a result, he saw the customer taking a photo with his mobile phone, eighty percent is that the customer wants to take a photo and search for the same style online. Do you think this is a big loss, but you don't buy it, so how can the dealers in the physical store survive? In order to break this deadlock, snooker Meiju officially launched the O2O lighting joining mode in March 2016, combining online and offline. Build a bridge between physical stores and online customers, let online customers fully link with physical stores, so as to broaden the sales channels of dealers, and do not spend money and effort to publicize and increase the exposure rate of stores, you just have to wait for the money! Customers who make online transactions directly push to the dealer stores in the corresponding areas to easily enjoy rebates. Customers who come online want to go to physical stores and directly guide customers to make transactions in local stores, what are you still worried about in such a win-win franchise model? Don't hesitate to join the big O2O family!
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