What are the secrets of glass solder lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-14
Glass is one of the most important materials for glass solder lamps. Different glass styles and processing techniques are all important factors that directly affect the appearance of glass solder lamps. In order to facilitate everyone to better understand the glass solder lamp. We classified the glass of glass solder lamps according to different classifications, in order to give everyone a more profound help. According to the different glass materials, the glass of the glass solder lamp is mainly as follows: 1) Float glass sheet: also known as clear glass sheet, it is generally divided into 3mm and 5mm. This kind of glass sheet is most widely used in lamp glass sheet. 2) Bubble glass: small bubbles are distributed unevenly inside the glass. 3) Ice Flower glass piece: Also called frost flower glass piece, the glass surface has ice pattern pattern. 4) Water pattern glass: the surface of the glass sheet has a water pattern pattern. 5)Diamond Glass: the surface of the glass is uneven. According to the glass treatment process, the glass of the glass solder lamp mainly has the following types: 1) Mosaic glass: It is composed of many pieces of glass after being soldered and soldered. 2) Sand Glass: the glass surface is specially frosted, like fog. 3) Single curved glass: The glass is made into a single curved shape through the baking bending process. 4) Double-Bend Glass: The glass is made into a double-bend shape through the baking bending process. 5) Silk screen glass: The glass sheet is printed with a silk-like pattern. 6)Carved Glass: The glass sheet is engraved with elephant rice; A decorative pattern. 7)Hand paint cloud glass (Paint on your hands).
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